TGU Granville High School 2021-22 Honor Roll 4th Quarter

High Honor: 12th grade – Cheznie Best, Jessica Evenson, Kayla Hanson, Daevun Hickey, Averie Lageson, Blake Latendresse, Bryce Latendresse, Belinda Lovro, Kimm Lukenbach, Cheyanne Lunde, Kole Stroh, Hannah Whittmayer; 11th grade – Jersey Mitz, Hunter Sevland, Jayden Volochenko; 10th grade – Sophie Bachmeier, Cody Eberle, Mariah Lovro, Emma Pister, Taylor Reinhard, Morgan Takala; 9th grade – Lily Lageson, Jaxon Nelson, Hennie Sevland; 8th grade – Sage Hanson, Holly Latendresse, Jess Sinerius; 7th grade – Keegan Andrade, Garrison Heath, Addison Neshem, Skylar Thull and Samantha Trana.

Honor: 12th grade – Chyler Deatherage, Oliva Kongslie, Blake Lunde; 11th grade – Tyler Blowers; 10th grade – Emilo Diaz, Camryn Jones, Roman Lilliquist; 9th grade – Aiyannna Jaeger, Brooklyn Johnson, Aubree Lunde, Morgan Lunde, Wyatt Rollman; 8th grade – Kale Deatherage, Kaylee Millar, Erik Perez; 7th grade – Brody Magnuson.


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