GRIP Fest returns to Minot for another year in celebration of Women’s History Month, bringing artists from all around

GRIP Fest returns for another year to celebrate Women’s History Month

Returning for another year filled with music and art, GRIP Fest is bringing in a long list of talented performers from not only Minot and the region but from Minnesota, Connecticut, and other places. Submitted Photo

In celebration of Women’s History Month and a belated celebration of International Women’s Day, GRIP Fest is returning for another year to throw their annual music festival. The festival will be held in one day instead of two on March 16, filling the spaces of 62 Doors Gallery and Studios starting at 1 p.m.

The festival will showcase a variety of both local and guest performers.

“We’ve invited folks from out of town who are sure to inspire and we’ve tapped into the incredibly talented pool we have in town here to provide one full day of music,” said Jazmine Schulz, who is a part of the festival.

Featured artists will include regional and local talent such as Nu Notes, Maddie Roberts, Kat Kirschmnan, Free Truman and many more. A special feature will be touring artists Pocket Vinyl, a slam piano and painting duo, who are attempting to break a world record by playing 50 states in 45 days.

“Pocket Vinyl paints a full painting during their set and auctions it off afterward,” Schultz explained, “and Gully boys are really blowing up Minneapolis, I would highly recommend attending both of those sets.”

Alongside the music talent being provided, there will be food, coloring stations and other activities to provide people with things to do and eat while hanging out.

“This isn’t a typical festival where the end of the evening is stacked with headliners,” explained Schultz. “We’ve truly got them all day, so I’d really encourage you to come early and stay late.”

GRIP Fest was created to showcase and encourage women and gender nonconforming musicians to participate in the independent music scene in Minot and the surrounding area. The festival is thrown every year to encourage this and to create a diverse music scene in Minot.

Admission is $5. Everyone is invited to attend. The event is open to all ages and parents are encouraged to bring their musical kids and little girls.