A tribute and a treat

Australian Pink Floyd heads to 4 Bears

Submitted Photos MAIN: Australian Pink Floyd Show consists of 10 members who work to recreate the sound of Pink Floyd’s music. Members are Steve Mac, Paul Bonney, Jason Sawford, David Domminey Fowler, Chris Barnes, Ricky Howard, Lorelei McBroom, Lara Smiles, Emily Lynn and Mike Kidson.

Since 1988, a group of Australian performers has been wowing crowds with their tribute show of Pink Floyd. Now, 30 years later, they have moved from small shows to worldwide performances as a professional group of performers.

On Saturday starting at 7 p.m. the Australian Pink Floyd Show will perform at 4 Bears Casino & Lodge for one night of music, lights and fun. A critically acclaimed tribute show, the Australian Pink Floyd has been astonishing audiences worldwide.

Each performance the show brings its all, bringing in a laser and light show, video animation, state of the art high resolution LED screen technology, and more to give an audience a tribute show like no other.

The show began in 1988 and Steve Mac, one of the original founders of the group, explained that they were just a bunch of guys who got together to have fun.

“We did quite a few years in Australia,” Mac explained, “then went to perform in the UK. It just grew from there.”

In the 2000s, they really took off on their adventure to worldwide fame, becoming the first Pink Floyd tribute group to go worldwide.

“We’ve done this for many years and the whole experience has just been a big deal,” Mac said.

He said his reason for doing the show is the music and the people, saying the music is something he really enjoys and the people have always been great. The years of performing have been meaningful to him.

“It’s been quite an emotional experience and the music is very powerful,” he explained.

The Australian Pink Floyd Show has performed for audiences throughout Europe, UK, America, Canada, South America, Israel, and Russia. They have worked with a variety of artists from Guy Pratt, Durga McBroom and Lorelei McBroom who toured with Pink Floyd, and Colin Norfield who is a sound engineer who worked with Pink Floyd.

As a well practiced band, they are expected to put on a good show with perfect note for note renditions of Pink Floyd’s famous music.

As with many concerts held at 4 Bears, tickets are available starting at $15. They will be offering a Fun Bus Package for $60 which includes a ticket, free beverages, and transportation to and from the show.

Tickets and packages can be purchased online at 4bearscasino.com, by phone at 627-7575, or by visiting the 4 Bears Player Club.