What I pray for

I consider it a huge honor and blessing to write this column and share time with you each Sunday. I hope there are readers who are walking with the Lord who are strengthened and encouraged by our time together. I hope there are readers who are atheists, agnostics, skeptical or seekers who gain insight for building healthier relationships and lives; perhaps even take an incremental step toward God. Wherever you are at spiritually, I am truly grateful for you and thrilled you are reading my column, whether for the first time, you’re an occasional reader or a regular reader. Each of us are on a journey, we have more in common than we think and we are better together.

Today I simply want to share what I pray for you. It’s also what I pray for myself, ask others to pray for me and what I pray for my wife and children. Whenever I am asked to pray for someone I will pray for their specific request and pray for these three characteristics to increase in their life.

The first item is wisdom. Wisdom is more than knowledge or experience. It even goes beyond principles. Wisdom is Godly insight. Wisdom is a gift from God; and not any ordinary gift. It is highly valuable and should be sought with deep intensity. A famous king, King Solomon, when given an opportunity to ask God for anything, asked for wisdom. I crave wisdom and pray for wisdom to increase in the lives of those I love.

The second item is courage. Once we receive wisdom we need courage to live out what God’s wisdom has instructed us. Our temptation will be to take the easiest road and most of the time the easiest road is not the wisest path. Also, most likely, the wisdom we receive from God will fly directly in the face of what many people in our society are doing. To put God’s wisdom into practice takes courage — extraordinary courage. But when we do courageously follow through, God often grants us more wisdom.

The third item is strength. Perhaps it is only my perspective, but the longer I live the more convinced I am that life gets more complex and challenging with every passing day. And so often our strength runs out before our responsibilities do. Do I simply need to dig deeper and push through? Do I turn to unhealthy behaviors or other activities to distract me from weariness, ease my load, or make the path less steep? We all must choose. I love and buy into King David’s wisdom from Psalms, chapter 121, “I lift up my eyes to the mountains — where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” I need the strength that only God can provide. Not only did he make the heavens and the earth, he made me and is intimately familiar with all of my ways.

Dear God, I pray for the person reading this column right now. Grant them wisdom at every twist and turn they arrive at. Grant them courage to implement what you teach them and strength for when they grow tired and weary. In the name of our Savior and Provider, Jesus Christ, amen.

God bless you. See you next Sunday!

Hauser is the founding and senior pastor at Prairie Heights Community Church in Fargo-Moorhead.He can be reached at www.jonhauser.com


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