Reflections: Abortion to Easter

Recently I saw the movie “Unplanned,” the film of Abby Johnson’s conversion story. Abby had been director of one of the largest Planned Parenthood clinics in the United States.

Despite the fact that her parents and husband disapproved of her choice of career, she continued to climb the corporate ladder in the abortion industry. It was by chance that Abby was asked to assist in an ultrasound-guided abortion in the facility that she was managing that she saw first-hand what an abortion really is.

She watched as the fetus struggled futilely to escape the abortionist’s violent instruments.

Just yesterday I was able to hear a panel of six North Dakota women share their stories of how each had chosen to have an abortion. Each of them had been told how the abortion would “fix” their problem and their lives could then go on as usual.

However, they soon learned they had been deceived. What they had been told was far from the truth as each dealt with her own guilt, grief and remorse over the death of her child. None of the women wanted to have an abortion but each felt trapped and believed they had no choice. They shared how alone and unsupported they felt regarding their unplanned pregnancy. In seeking advice and support from family and friends, what they got was encouragement to abort.

Each lady described the inhumane treatment they experienced at the abortion facility and the lack of compassion and care shown them. So ironic, they indicated that it is called “Women’s Health Care.” Rather than having the problem “fixed” as promised to them, the aftermath of the abortion was years of guilt and remorse. These women each carried the dark secret of their abortion deep within themselves. They experienced self-hatred leading to self-destructive behavior. Their self-hatred led to depression, anxiety, alcohol abuse, promiscuity, suicidal ideation and behaviors destructive of marital and other relationships.

Satan, the father of lies, had convinced them they were no good, and that God despised them. Only after years of carrying the heavy guilt from what they believed was the “unforgiveable sin,” did the damn of secrecy give way, opening the door to begin the process of healing. Spiritual healing happened when they came to realize that Jesus had come not to condemn but to raise up the fallen sinner.

These courageous women now go out with the truth they have learned through their bitter suffering, that abortion is not good for women and that it is anything but a “quick-fix.”

Just as importantly they have found that through Jesus, even this horrible choice can be redeemed. Thankfully each of these women discovered the God of mercy before they destroyed themselves completely. What a powerful witness these ladies are to the transformation possible through the boundless mercy of Our Loving Savior.

Reflections, a mini-sermon written by Minot and area clergy, will appear each Saturday in The Minot Daily News. Clergy interested in writing a mini-sermon should contact Andrea Johnson at 857-1945 or ajohnson@minotdailynews.com


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