Everyone needs compassion

We are heading into the most meaningful season of the year: Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. It’s a time we celebrate with family and friends, build memories, and consider what really matters in life. It’s also a time we grieve what is broken or who is missing from our life. With that in mind I want to share with you two actions that our children, grandchildren, family members, and friends need from us.

The great news is that God wants to pour both of these actions into our lives. And as He does we can consistently contribute these actions into the lives of others! If you do not grow in your relationship with our perfect heavenly Father through His one and only Son Jesus; if you are ignoring God, running from God, don’t know God, you will have a really difficult time doing for your children, family and friends what they need from you.

These two actions are powerfully described in Luke chapter 15; in a story Jesus told, to indicate his mission, about a prodigal son.

There was a son who loved pushing the boundaries. One day, he came to his father and asked for his inheritance. After receiving it, he took off for a distant land and during his travels he squandered all of his wealth on wild living. You name it, he did it and in the end he had nothing to show for it; no friends, no food, no shelter. He was in such need he took a job feeding pigs and he was so hungry that the food he was giving the pigs looked good to him. Lost and lonely, he thought, “What am I doing? I sure didn’t plan on ending up here. I don’t think my dad will forgive me but I should at least go back home because my dad’s hired hands are way better off than I am.” So the son headed back to his father. What the son never expected was his father was constantly thinking about him and looking down that dusty trail into his estate, hoping his son would return. So, when that son was first seen, even though he was still a long way off, his father was filled with compassion for him and ran to meet him!

God longs to shower you with compassion when you return to Him. Perhaps this Christmas Season you need to return to God. The first action our family and friends need from us is compassion. Our homes should be safe, encouraging places; full of grace, mercy and love. When the world of our children, family, or friends is full of storms your home should be a place full of compassion, care, and unconditional love! When our child’s world gives way our home should be a solid foundation and refuge for them.

The song “Mighty to Save” states it so well: “Everyone needs compassion; love that’s never failing; let mercy fall on me; everyone needs forgiveness; the kindness of a Savior; the Hope of nations.”

Our churches should be places full of compassion. I find it sad that often when people make their biggest mistakes, commit their most difficult sin, the place they avoid the most is their family or a church. Let’s continue this discussion next Sunday!

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