Opening for fish cleaning stations

Kim Fundingsland/MDN Fish cleaning stations at Lake Sakakawea, Lake Audubon and the Garrison Dam Tailrace remain closed due to coronavirus concerns. However, they are expected to open Monday, June 1, the same date the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will be opening up their Wolf Creek, Douglas Bay, Audubon and Downstream campgrounds. Some fish cleaning stations are located within State Parks, others on Corps managed property. No modifications to the fish cleaning tables will be done. Here’s the standard operating procedure, provided by the Corps, that will be in place once the fish cleaning stations are opened. – Operation of stations will be consistent with the ND G&F standards, posting signage on social distancing. – Hand sanitizer pumps will be located at each station. – Brushes and bottles of CDC appropriate disinfectant (bleach solution) will be provided. – Staff will wear appropriate personal protective equipment while cleaning all surfaces. – Encourage public to clean fish and then leave the cleaning station to avoid gathering. – Sites may be close based on the public’s behavior, or failure to adhere to posted conditions.


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