Here is the North Dakota Game and Fish Department Catch-and-Release Club qualifiers, date & length for May:

Spiritwood Lake northern pike:

Stacy Harr, Jamestown, May 26, 42 inches.

Lake Audubon smallmouth bass:

Cody Humann, Bismarck, May 4, 17 inches.

Lake Darling smallmouth bass:

Adam Hoaglund, Minot, May 4, 18 inches.

Lake Darling walleye:

Tim Hoaglund, Minot, May 1, 27 inches.

Missouri River walleye:

Casey Jose, Lincoln, May 8, 28 inches.

Casey Jose, Lincoln, May 8, 25 inches.

Shae Zimmerman, Mandan, May 17, 28 inches.

Alkali Lake walleye:

Ladon Smith, Kensal, May 9, 27 inches.

Lake Oahe walleye:

Casey Perry, Bismarck, May 10, 28 inches.

Casey Jose, Lincoln, May 10, 25 inches.

Lake Sakakawea walleye:

Trent Thomas, Minot, May 12, 30 inches.