Trees for boulevards

Boulevard Tree Planting Program now taking orders

Eloise Ogden/MDN Members of the Minot Forestry Department’s Boulevard Tree Planting Program team, from the left, Kacper Mrozik, part-time forestry technician; Steven Porter, forestry technician; Brian Johnson, city forester; and Troy Regstad, certified arborist and crew leader. Mrozik, Porter and Regstad do the tree planting for the program.

The Minot Forestry Department is taking orders from homeowners for its annual Boulevard Tree Planting Program.

Brian Johnson, city forester, said homeowners who are interested in obtaining boulevard trees can call the Forestry Department at 857-4178.

He said they have 12 different varieties of trees this year. All the trees are listed on the Minot Forestry Department’s website.

To access the website go to minotparks.com, then click on “Plant a Tree,” and on the Forestry page click on “2019 Boulevard Tree List.” Photos and information about the varieties of trees plus information on the Boulevard Tree Planting Program process are listed.

“They’re still $100 a tree,” Johnson said. The $100 cost includes the tree, planting, staking and mulching. If a homeowner would like a warranty, the cost is $25 more. The warranty is good for one year (one year from the date of planting).

When a homeowner calls the Forestry Department, secretary Tessa Grabow will get information from the homeowner on the types of tree or trees they are interested in or if they would like suggestions. Then Johnson checks the site the homeowner has indicated for the trees to make sure they will fit that area. If the trees do not fit the area, he will make recommendations.

Prepayment is required before a tree can be planted. To pay for trees, the homeowner will go to the Minot Park District office in the Minot Municipal Auditorium.

As soon as payment is made the Forestry Department contacts North Dakota “One Call,” to arrange for underground utility lines to be marked. After the marking has been done, the planting can begin.

Homeowners are advised to contact the Forestry Department as soon as possible if they would like to select trees for their boulevard.

“They go fast,” Johnson said.

When trees are planted a card with proper care instructions will be given to the homeowner.

“If you happen to be home, go out there and visit with them. They’re great guys,” Johnson said.

If the homeowner is not home at the time, the card will be placed on the house door. The homeowner is responsible for watering and care of any trees planted.

The Boulevard Tree Planting Program has been operating for at least 30 years.