Mikey’s Country Candy delivering delicious treats to the area for nearly 30 years

Ashton Gerard/MDN Lesli Getzlaff of Burlington poses with the different products and private label creations of Mikey’s Country Candy.

Lesli Getzlaff is no stranger to the kitchen. She grew up sitting on the kitchen counters watching her mother and grandmother bake and create different delicious meals and naturally followed in their footsteps. In 2014, Getzlaff and her sister had the opportunity to buy Mikey’s Country Candy and since 2018, the operation has been all hers.

“The name comes from Mikey Wilkens. She started the company 30 years ago in her home,” Getzlaff explained.

Since taking over the business, Getzlaff has kept and continued to use the recipes Wilkens created from the beginning while building on the brand with her own creations.

“I love making candy, I love inventing candy for customers and I do invent a lot,” Getzlaff said.

Originally known around town for the food truck The Wife’s Kitchen, Getzlaff had to ultimately sell her truck to be able to focus on the candy.

Ashton Gerard/MDN Getzlaff has been asked by various businesses and organizations in the past to create different chocolate treats for them and it’s something she enjoys.

“The truck was only during the summer, this was year round, so I chose this,” Getzlaff said as she gestured to an assortment of Mikey’s Country Candy.

In addition to selling iconic Mikey’s Country Candies, Getzlaff enjoys making specialty private-label chocolate for different businesses and organizations. She recently worked with Minn Dak Market out of Fargo to create a rhubarb chocolate bar. She’s also created chocolate caramel barrels in honor of the million barrels a day oil production celebration.

“A company will want it for their Christmas party or a school wants to do a label for a fundraiser,” Getzlaff said. “I’ll make anything, any kind of candy bar they want.”

One of Getzlaff’s passions is coming up with new things for people to try. The rhubarb projects was one of her favorites so far and now she has some other projects in the works to sell as Mikey’s branded items.

The top three favorites from Mikey’s according to Getzlaff, are the Chokecherry Creams, the Dakota Crunch and the Salted Nut Roll.

Without a storefront, a majority of Getzlaff’s sales are done through her online store and taking orders from companies or organizations. She also attends the Pride of Dakota shows in Fargo, Bismarck and Minot each year.

Getzlaff makes all the candy herself and has hired some employees to help her package and prepare candy and also assist at the different shows. Seeing the business grow is something she dreams of. Having a storefront with glass so people can peak in and see the process is a dream that’s been swimming around her head since she bought the business.

“I look up to Dot (of Dot’s Pretzels out of Velva) so much because look at what she did,” Getzlaff said. “Starting as a small business and now look at her. I want to be like that someday, that’s my goal.”

People have asked Getzlaff in the past why she doesn’t change the name to Lesli’s. Her answer is simple.

“A lot of these recipes are Mikey’s,” Getzlaff said. “She’s the sweetest lady ever put on this earth and she helped us so much when we started. Why would I change the name? She deserves the respect because she did start it.”

In addition to catching Getzlaff at one of the Pride of Dakota shows, you can see the candy Mikey’s Country Candy has at https://squareup.com/market/mikeyscountrycandy/. For additional information, call 838-1551 or email mikeyscountrycandy@srt.com.