Brite-Way relocates to Broadway

Business moves for a more centralized location

Ashton Gerard/MDN The Kellers pose for a photo in front of the new Brite-Way location at 1518 South Broadway. Pictured from left are Mitch Keller, Danielle Morrison and Peggy and Dale Keller.

Brite-Way has been operating in Minot for the past 43 years and located on North Hill for about 15 years. With how much Minot has grown and developed, driving all the way across town could be a hassle some days.

That’s why Brite-Way has moved to their new location at 1518 South Broadway to be more centrally located in Minot.

“It’s pretty cool that we’ve been here 43 years and then we have Danielle, our daughter, and our son Mitch are eventually going to be taking over (the business),” co-owner Dale Keller said.

Their new location features a newly renovated building with an office area they will be utilizing starting June 20. It also has a larger garage and shop area able to fit four vans with plenty of storage space to spare.

“We’ll have an office with our building so people can come in if they want to,” co-owner Peggy Keller said. “They can come in and pay bills or make appointments. It gives people a chance to stop in and meet people more face to face and not just over the phone.”

Ashton Gerard/MDN Brite-Way’s new location features a garage big enough for four vans with plenty of storage space.

Brite-Way offers professional window and glass cleaning services to homes and businesses in the Minot area and currently have over 2,000 accounts.

The business will be solely working out of their new location off South Broadway.

“The convenience is really nice,” Dale said about the new location. “We’re so centralized instead of being so far away from everything else.”

Danielle Morrison and Mitch Keller, two of Dale and Peggy’s children, are currently working closely with their parents to learn and eventually be able to take over the business.

“When I was younger, it was something I said I wasn’t going to do,” Morrison admitted. “Once I actually got older…I decided to come and work for my parents and realized it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and I actually enjoy the job.”

Mitch noted that the hours are long and it’s hard work, but the experience for him has been rewarding.

“He’s got two little ones so it’s something they have to look forward to also,” Peggy added.

The Kellers appreciate how open Minot has been to their business and to have their support for many, many years allows them to continue to be a family owned and operated business.

“It’s a small town so you want to do a good job because bad word gets around much faster than good word,” Dale said. “So we try to keep everything good and positive.”

Brite-Way employs three additional full-time employees in addition to the four family members. They also have another son, Ryan, who helps the business during the summertime.

To learn more about Brite-Way, give them a call at 852-5532 or visit them in their new office starting Friday.