Veteran-owned N8’s Bin Cleaning Service Plus opens for their cleaning season in Minot to clean and sanitize trash bins and more

N8’s Bin Cleaning Services Plus opens for their cleaning season

Submitted Photo Nate Routhier’s pressure washing machine was designed to be recognizable and memorable to those that see it. With the ability to wash a large range of trash bins and dumpsters, N8’s Bin Cleaning Services Plus has the capability to clean, sanitize and deodorize bins to help keep things cleaner and healthier.

Trash bins and cans can help keep your trash tidy and in one spot ready to be collected, unfortunately, holding garbage can be a dirty job and many bins and cans will start to have residue and stains from items thrown in, spillage from bags and messes caused from sitting outside. Trash bins help keep things cleaner, but who keeps them clean?

Nate Routhier has taken on this task with his business N8’s Trash Bin and Pressure Washing Services. For a variety of prices and different packages, he will bring his pressure cleaning machine to your home to clean, sanitize and deodorize your trash bins.

Routhier formed the idea for N8’s in September 2017 after throwing away some trash and noticing how bad his own bin had become. He followed the thought and bought his pressure washing machine the same year, starting to clean bins in April 2018.

He chose the name as a sort of play on his name. He made the decision to help people avoid the health hazards that can grow in bins left uncleaned.

“You’re garbage bin can grow its own fungus and things,” Routhier explained. “Things such as salmonella, E. coli, listeria, and more can start to grow. Then on top of that, there’s allergens.”

He explains that getting bins cleaned can be good for health reasons to avoid contact with unwanted allergens, bacteria, and fungus. Bacteria starts to grow between 40 degrees and 140 degrees, meaning during the winter everything is fine, but as the weather begins to warm, things start to grow.

“A lot of people say, ‘Well I can just wash it with my garden hose,’ and my response is, ‘Do you wash your dishes with cold water?’ You’re cleaning the gunk, but you’re not getting everything else,” said Routhier. “Most bacteria is killed at 180 degrees. My operating system is 200 degrees.”

N8’s cleaning machine cleans bins and dumpsters with 3,500 psi, 360-degree rotating cleaning heads with water at 200 degrees to ensure that the dirt, grime and bacteria don’t stand a chance.

The cleaning process, according to Routhier, is simple.

“First you call and schedule a cleaning. I’ll come on a day that your garbage is picked up,” he said.

Once at your home or business, N8’s machine will grab ahold of bins and lift it up to be deep cleaned, sanitized and deodorized with all residue falling into his machine and the waste water taken into a separate tank to be disposed of.

Once the machine is finished, the bins are dried and sprayed with a deodorizer to help them smell nice. Routhier will then valet the bin or cans to the front of the house so that people know they have been cleaned.

“Everything that’s in your bin, I dispose of. It’s collected into three mesh pods and I dispose of it so it’s not on your property. It’s also 100 percent water recovery,” Routhier said.

Alongside cleaning trash bins of various sizes and dumpsters, N8’s also does concrete walkways, store fronts, graffiti removal and decks and porches.

“I want to add more, so I’m working on learning more about what my machine can do and what people want. I’ve got some learning curves to still do with this. It’s new to me and it’s new to Minot,” Routhier said.

Routhier came to Minot in April of 1998 as a heavy equipment operator at Minot Air Force Base. He moved away after leaving the service, but came back for family and has been here since.

One of his many reasons for starting the business is hoping it will be something good for his daughter and her stepbrother to take part in when they’re older and ready to start working.

N8’s Bin Cleaning Services Plus will start its season around April 18 and run through Oct. 18. Rothier says it all depends on Mother Nature and how long it stays warm. He hopes this season he will expand his list of customers.

“Last season was a little slow, but it was my learning season, it was to get my logo and the idea out there,” Routhier said.

N8’s offers a variety of packages with various prices depending on the number of cleanings between spring and fall.

“I can ala carte it anyway you want it. It all comes down to your garbage lifestyle,” Routhier said.

N8’s will travel outside of the Minot area to do cleanings, something he did last season. He requires these be for bulk cleanings of multiple people’s bins.

Routhier can be contacted in a variety of ways, working to be accessible for anyone no matter their preference. He can be contacted through his Facebook page at N8’s Bin Cleaning Services Plus, through his email at, through his website at or by texting or calling 720-4338.

People are also able to self schedule their cleaning appointment through his website.

“My phone is always on me and I’ll always try to respond,” Routhier said.