A taste of Europe

Minot’s Daily Bread brings traditional European-style baking to the prairie

Owner and baker Rezarta Dibra checks the oven at Minot’s Daily Bread.

Minot’s Daily Bread celebrated their grand opening last Monday, bringing European inspired baking to Minot. They are located at 1500 South Broadway. The bakery offers a variety of goods from breads and pastries to coffee and teas.

Rezarta Dibra, owner and baker at Minot’s Daily Bread, has been baking ever since she can remember, beginning at her grandmother’s side in Albania.

“Baking has always been my passion,” Dibra said. “Growing up in Europe, we do everything from scratch.”

When Dibra came to the United States, one thing she missed from home was bread. Her grandmother never used recipes, so Dibra went to work studying and taking professional courses to learn the science behind baking.

“We were lucky enough to live in Manhattan for four years,” Dibra said. “Of course, in New York, you can find every type of food imaginable there.”

While in New York, Dibra attended the International Culinary Center and specialized in bread.

“Making sourdough bread is my passion,” Dibra explained. “It’s a beautiful thing because you use only flour, water and salt, you don’t use any yeast or anything. It’s all natural bacterias they grow and it ferments itself.”

Dibra and her family moved to Minot in 2012. In North Dakota, Dibra baked for pleasure and would share what she made with members of the community and surrounding areas, eventually building up a clientele.

After looking for a physical location for two years, Dibra eventually bought what used to be Pita Pit on South Broadway and completely overhauled the building to bring a European flair to the prairie.

In the name, Dibra wanted Minot to know that their products are made fresh and daily.

All of the products at Minot’s Daily Bread are made fresh and from scratch. The flour they use does not have bleach or bromine so it is chemical free, the chocolate they use is imported from France or Belgium and they use 83 percent European-style butter.

“I believe in the quality,” Dibra said. “I wanted to do something different.”

Joining Dibra in the kitchen is Medora Mattson of Minot. Mattson was attending culinary school and caught wind of Minot’s Daily Bread, reached out and now works under Dibra. Similar to Dibra, Mattson’s baking roots began at home with her grandmother and since she has grown her knowledge and continues to learn under Dibra.

Having a European-style bakery in Minot is something that the community can cherish and appreciate.

“I think it means we’re moving up,” Mattson said. “Minot’s needed some place to get (artisan) bread for a long time.”

To learn more and stay connected, visit their Facebook page or stop into the store Monday through Saturday from 6 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.