Executive producer of newly released film holds ties to Minot

Submitted Photo “Condor’s Nest” Executive Producer Kevin Cripps and actor Arnold Vosloo are shown at the Newport Film Festival. Cripps has ties to MInot.

Released on Friday, the new film “Condor’s Nest” has ties to Minot. Kevin Cripps, executive producer, said he grew up all over the Midwest, including Minot. Cripps currently lives in North Carolina, where many of the film locations were shot.

Cripps, an underground contractor dealing in natural gas and fiber optics, has been in and out of Wyoming and the Dakotas for years, and still has relatives in the area. Along the way on his journeys, Cripps and Phil Blattenberger, “Condor’s Nest” writer and director, became affiliated through Blattenberger’s first film, “Point Man,” showcasing the black Vietnam veterans’ perspective on that war.

“Condors Nest” has been likened to a cross between Quentin Tarantino’s “Inglorious Bastards” and “Indiana Jones,” said Cripps.

Most of the film is set nine to 10 years after World War II, when “more than 10,000 Nazis fled to South America after Hitler’s downfall. They created a diaspora: a thousand in Chile, 2,000 in Bolivia, 5,000 in Argentina,” Blattenberger said.

The film is centered around American aviator Will Spalding, who sets off across South America in search of Nazi war criminals, he said.

Cripps said the historical accuracy of the film falls in line with the runaway Nazis and the involvement of a Jewish MOSSAD agent hunting Nazis in South America. Otherwise, the actual Condor’s Nest reference and logistics are entirely fictional, Cripps said.

“Phil is really good at his visual point of view and capturing the scenes on an extremely low budget,” said Cripps. The B-17 crash scene and farm were located in North Carolina, as well as some bar scenes and the Condor’s Nest house. Cripps said some other scenes were filmed on location in Utah and Puerto Rico.

“Actors like Jackson Rathbone of the ‘Twilight’ series and Arnold Vosloo, who appeared on ‘Jack Ryan’ and ‘The Blacklist,’ and really the entire cast are impressive,” Cripps said.

Major cities are offering a short release of the film in theaters, but it is available on Amazon, Apple and any of on-demand streaming options, Cripps said.


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