Chalk party fun

Andrea Johnson/MDN Bryleigh McBride, 10, has been practicing her chalking skills in the family’s driveway for the past few days, said her parents, Brandon and Ali McBride. Also joining in the fun at the Bishop Ryan Catholic School chalk party on Monday was Bryleigh’s little sister, Ilianna McBride, 7.

Bishop Ryan Catholic School held a sidewalk chalk party for elementary school students in the school parking lot on Monday with a chalk van on loan from I Keating.

Father Jadyn Nelson, the president of the school, said students have been attending classes online since the governor closed schools in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Nelson said the chalk party was a way for children to see their friends again, see their school and end the school year on a positive note.

There was already a good turnout for the party as of about 12:30 p.m. Monday.

Parents or grandparents and children were each positioned several feet apart in the parking lot and kids were creating chalk creations.

Andrea Johnson/MDN Gavin Meyer, 6, and his brother Sam Meyer, 3, draw with chalk in the Bishop Ryan Catholic School parking lot during a chalk party on Monday.

Brandon and Ali McBride said their daughter Bryleigh, 10, had been really excited about the chalk party and has been practicing her chalking skills in their driveway for the past several days.


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