Bill Engvall returns to North Dakota

Comedian Bill Engvall has been doing comedy for about 40 years, his career starting by surprise in Dallas. Submitted Photo

Comedian Bill Engvall will be arriving at 4 Bears Casino & Lodge on Saturday. The show will begin at 7 p.m. Tickets are available at 4bearscasino.com.

His current tour is “Just Sell Him for Parts” and has traveled all over the United States, giving his fans a good laugh. According to his website, Engvall said the motivation behind the name of his tour was “I told my wife I’m afraid to go back to the doctor because I’m afraid they’re going to look at you and say ‘Ma’am, just sell him for parts.'” He compared himself to an old car, saying that when something is fixed, something else breaks.

For those who may not know Engvall, he is from Galveston, Texas, and said he happened upon comedy by accident. He and his friend were at a nightclub in Dallas, “and after having a little bit of liquid courage,” he got up on stage. He talked about his daily life spinning records “in a funny way” and what he sees in life. The crowd loved it, and he fell in love with comedy.

The subject matter of his acts is about daily life, being married, raising kids and many other things that people generally go through. Engvall said he doesn’t talk about politics or other daily events. “People are looking for a place to relax and not worry about other stuff.”

One little fun fact about Engvall is that he’s currently enrolled in Grand Canyon University, doing online classes to obtain a bachelor’s degree in Christian studies. His anticipated graduation date is February 2021.


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