Lewis & Clark’s Fort Mandan hosts Candlelight Tour

Whether a trip has been made to Lewis & Clark’s Fort Mandan before or not, Saturday evening would be a great opportunity to visit the regional landmark that was once temporary home to the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

The Interpretive Center has Organized a Candlelight Tour for Saturday evening that showcases the fort the way Lewis and Clark and their expedition would have lived lit with candles, oil lamps and fires in the fireplaces.

The event is free and open to the public with no registration necessary. The event will start at 8 p.m. and there will be light refreshments available.

“It’s more similar to when Lewis and Clark were actually here,” said Kevin Kirkey, site manager for Lewis & Clark’s Fort Mandan. “They always had fires going to keep them warm which is not something we normally do when our visitors are here in the summertime.”

This event is something fairly new for the site; Kirkey estimated this is their fourth year doing it. Most people are familiar with the fort during the day, but the nighttime tour under the flickering glow of candles and lamps offers a new perspective on the historic spot.

“It’s a good opportunity for those that have never visited as well as those that have,” Kirkey said. “It’s a good experience for either return visitors or new ones. It’s a more realistic feel.”

Hundreds of people have showed interest in the event through the Lewis & Clark’s Fort Mandan Facebook page. Because the experience is so unique, they expect to see returning visitors and newcomers to the fort.

To learn more, visit their Facebook page, @LewisandClarksFortMandan, or their website, www.fortmandan.com/.


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