How ‘Cattle Capital of North Dakota’ earned its name!

Virginia Hill Fairbrother’s Memory

Editor’s Note

For many years the city of Towner has been called the “Cattle Capital of North Dakota.”

After reading a story about how Towner got the name according to Minot Daily News published stories, Virginia Hill Fairbrother, who grew up in Towner, has provided more information about the naming. Her father, Homer Hill, was instrumental in the naming. Following is her memory of the naming:

Homer Hill moved to Towner in 1924 and was the pharmacist and owner of Hill’s Drug Store, plus carried veterinary supplies for the area ranchers. Homer had taken care of cattle when he was 10 years old. One of the things that attracted him to the Towner area were the ranchers with horses and cattle.

In the later 1920s, Homer Hill felt there was a need to have a slogan for Towner which would help to promote the area. His slogan became “Cattle Capital of North Dakota” and has remained the same all these years!

Homer designed some signs, but those have been lost to history. The most current sign is on Highway 2 by Towner.