We are united – vote yes

Paula Bachmeier


Dear Patrons of Des Lacs-Burlington School District:

Fifty-five years ago, our two small, North Dakota rural towns made a decision to support each other with one common goal: a quality education for our students. The United No. 7 School District was born, and the two towns became one united educational community. Our Des Lacs-Burlington consolidation is one of the longest, most successful consolidations existing in the state of North Dakota.

Yes, the dynamics of the two rural towns have changed in the last 55 years. However, the solidarity of our one united educational community philosophy has never changed. No matter the location of the physical buildings in our school district, the goal continues to be the same as it was 55 years ago: quality education.

On Nov. 14, you will be asked to vote for a building project that will enhance and improve our one united educational community. Your “YES” vote will offer improvements and additions to be made at both campuses which will provide our young people with the best possible opportunities to learn, to develop scholastically, and to become successful adults.

The building environment in which we live is the best it has been for many, many years. Thankfully, 90 percent of the project can be funded through the state at a mere 2 percent interest.

What does that mean to you? Your $200,000 home would have a $180 per year tax impact – $15.00 per month (I think of it as one less pizza night a month or maybe two less flavored coffees a month).

This is the best time to go forward with this project. We must remember the commitment our two communities made to each other 55 years ago. The students of the Des Lacs-Burlington school district deserve the rewards of our common goal: a quality education in the best possible learning environment.

Please, please vote “Yes” on Nov. 14.

Remember… it is now and has been for 55 years – Laker Pride – Two Cities Wide!