What federal law(s) should North Dakota ignore?

Empowered state and municipal politicians in various parts of the country are at it again – asserting that their governments will not comply with federal law nor adequately cooperate with federal officials charged with enforcing U.S. law.

These so-called “sanctuary” cities (and rapidly, states) are elevating local pols’ own feelings and values – in this case, support for open borders and the welcoming – even inviting – of illegal aliens to their communities above national law. Of course, that’s not the way the country works; it’s the abandonment of a representative republic in favor of anarchy. Furthermore, ethical arguments in favor of such policy falls flat because of its complete insensitivity to American citizens, the millions of immigrants who followed the law, and the American working class whose jobs are assumed by low-wage foreign workers. Oh, and despite what some might assert, it isn’t all about left-leaning politicians building a permanent underclass of voters. Some national business interests also benefit from a work force that can be paid less than similar workers who are actually legal residents.

The arrogance of supplanting national law with local law is jaw-dropping. However, since there seems to be no penalty for brushing off federal law, perhaps it shouldn’t be reserved for pro-illegal immigration and pro-marijuana proliferation. Perhaps each and every state in the country should host a referendum on what federal laws that state will and will not obey.

So, what federal laws do you feel North Dakota should just ignore? What laws offend your sensibilities? What laws do you feel are unfair or unethical? What laws do you feel don’t represent the values of North Dakota?

Once identified, states can just refuse to cooperate with federal authorities.

That’s fair, right? It seems perfectly acceptable around the rest of the country. Various politicians have asserted they would end the practice, but even President Trump, who campaigned against it, has yet to take real action. This is uncommon. Over the past half-century, most times states refused to enforce federal mandates like speed limits, the feds yanked funding and most states fell into line. For some reason, that tactic hasn’t been applied to sanctuary settings.

Not respecting federal law is the beginning of the end for the union. But that train seems to have left the station.

Minot Daily News would like to know what federal laws you feel North Dakota should just opt to ignore. Send us a letter to the editor with your ideas. Speak up now. The practice doesn’t seem to be going away. How long can it be before each and every state and municipality only follows the federal laws it chooses to. Which offend you?

We’re curious about your opinion.