Where does your honey come from?

Area beekeepers featured in national education drive

Beekeeper Josh Freeman of Turtle Lake checks a hive.

Three North Dakota beekeeping operations are being featured in a national drive to educate Americans about who their honey comes from.

Sioux Honey Association Co-op selected Mason Maxwell and Josh Freeman of Turtle Lake and the Nissens of Minot from among its 270 members to be faces of the “Who Does Your Honey Come From” campaign, which started Dec. 17.

“These families are running solid operations in the largest honey-producing state in the nation and they are committed to making only the highest quality product,” said Rob Buhmann, chair of the Sioux Honey Board.

“From the beginning to the end, the honey has been produced by us, processed by us and Sioux Honey finishes the process,” said Maxwell of Thomas Honey in Turtle Lake.

Maxwell and his son appear in the nationwide ad which highlights the challenges of beekeeping and the persevering nature of America’s beekeepers. Freeman and the Nissens’ Five Star Honey also appear in the ad.

Mason Maxwell keeps bees in his operation at Turtle Lake.

Five Star Honey is a family-run business, named after Will Nissen, his wife Peggy, and their three boys – Matt, Levi and Evan. Both Will and Matt appear several times in the ad. All members of the Nissen family are actively involved in the day-to-day operations of Five Star Honey.

“I think my sons can see that there’s a future in bees, and it’s a good, solid future,” said Will Nissen.

Matt Nissen wears beekeeper protection as he works with hives in the family’s Five Star Honey operation of Minot.

Will Nissen of Five Star Honey is among local beekeepers being featured in national advertising of the Sioux Honey Association Co-op.


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