Minot area residents should be alert to phone scam

The Ward County Sheriff’s Department is asking Minot and area residents to be aware of an apparent scam in which an unknown male claims to be a deputy from the sheriff’s department.

The sheriff’s department received information the the apparent scam occurred on Monday in Minot.

A female was contacted by the unknown male caller. The female left a voice mail on the phone number provided to her 701-922-1043 and the male scammer called back. The male claiming to be the deputy stated she had been issued a jury summons, failed to show up and now warrants for her arrest had been issued. The male scammer informed her that she could provide a retainer to him over the phone for $1,200 and she would not be arrested.

The Ward County Sheriff’s Department will never ask for any type of payment over the phone and in the case of any warrant, the department would have a person call its main office number at 701-857-6500.

The sheriff’s department urges people to remember that the scammers are very convincing and may use names of actual deputies that they find on the sheriff’s department’s website. People should not provide any personal information to anyone on the phone that they suspect is involved in a scam and call the Ward County Sheriff’s Department or their local law enforcement to report the call.