Practice makes perfect

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On May 23, Ward County 4-H hosted their annual practice for Achievement Days Livestock and Small Animal exhibitors. Livestock and Small Animal Practice Day was created to help educate 4-H animal exhibitors enhance their showmanship skills.

Following a quick pizza dinner, the presenters held round-robin type demonstrations covering: Beef, Goat, Poultry, Rabbit, and Sheep. The presenters gave pointers on their species including, how to properly prepare their animal for show day, how to groom and clip their animal to display the animal’s positive points in their confirmation and how to present it in the best possible way to the judge.

Also, discussion on what common questions judges will ask during the shows were discussed; it is important for exhibitors to know their animal’s age, breed, diet, gestation period, and weight.

The volunteer presenters were Hannah Remington, Thomas and Matthew Schauer, Job Bachmeier, Paige Brummund and Christopher Rockeman.

Several families brought their animals, consisting of eight head of cattle, five goats, nine sheep, 18 poultry, two rabbits and two miniature horses.

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Those in attendance included Kaitlyn and Madilyn Berg, Amber and Mariah Braasch, Ryia Beeter, Haley Buck, Emily and Layton Fannik, Ashley and Carlos Hall, Connor, Miyah, and Wesley Harvey, Morgan Keen, Kaden and Layne Korgel, Emily Merck, Harleigh Reimche, Jacob Saunders, Anne, Hailey, Mark, Matthew, and Thomas Schauer, Hayley and Reece Semmen, Kaydn Turnbow and Cayleb and Jayden Whanger.

NDSU Extension Service Ward County 4-H Youth Development Agent Emily Goff also provided National Poultry Improvement Plan Certification. NPIP certification is mandatory for all poultry exhibited at Achievement Days and the North Dakota State Fair.

For more information about Ward County 4-H, or if interested in joining Ward County 4-H as a youth member or a volunteer, contact Emily Goff, 4-H Youth Development Extension Agent at NDSU Extension Service Ward County by calling 857-6450; visit the website; and visit the

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