Senior prank lands teens in hot water

Three Minot High School-Magic City Campus students were cited Tuesday after they had a water balloon fight in the school during lunch, according to police.

Xavier Mason Falcon, who just turned 18 last Tuesday, and two 17-year-old boys were cited for misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

According to a Minot police press release, the teens were throwing the water balloons in the lunch room during lunch and “caused disruption in the school environment” because of the “yelling and screaming connected to the water balloons being thrown.”

Assistant superintendent Kim Slotsve refused on Friday afternoon to comment on the specifics of the water balloon incident, but she said the school district has had students charged in the past with disorderly conduct if the circumstances warranted it.

Slotsve was formerly a high school principal and said she told students, “if you do something in school that’s also against the law, you would have both consequences (at school and in court).”

Slotsve said in general, water on the floor could be considered a hazard making it hard for people to walk.

“We want a safe environment for our students,” she said.

School board president Jim Rostad said Friday afternoon that he wouldn’t want to offer a comment without talking to the high school principals about the incident and why school administrators handled it as they did.

The Minot police press release stated that school officials were told that the water balloon fight was going to take place at lunch on Tuesday. They tried to stop the water balloons from being thrown but weren’t able to.

Comments on the Minot Daily News Facebook page said the water balloon fight, using about four water balloons, was a “harmless” senior prank and no one was injured. The students are said to have smuggled the water balloons into the school before lunch in large duffle bags.

One Internet meme was created that depicts school resource officer Caisee Sandusky pinning a cowering student to the ground. The student in the meme was covering his face and holding a red water balloon. The meme reads, “You have the right to remain silent.” The meme was shared on a Facebook page.

Sandusky wrote a probable cause affidavit which was filed with the Minot Municipal Court. In it, she writes that she was forwarded a photo of a student indicating that there was going to be a water balloon fight during “second lunch.” Administrators did their best to locate the students and talk with them before the second lunch period between 12:40 p.m. and 1:10 p.m. Sandusky located a group of students in the Career and Technical Education bathroom area and found water balloons in the boys bathroom. She notified administrators. At 1 p.m., Falcon and the two younger boys were seen throwing water balloons at students and staff. Sandusky told the boys to come with her to the school office. She wrote that Falcon started yelling to the other students, causing them to have a loud reaction. While the three teens were in the school office, Sandusky wrote that they were “loud, boisterous and disruptive.” Assistant Principal Harlan Johnson asked what the boys could be cited for and Sandusky told him “disorderly conduct.” Falcon was cited for disorderly conduct for Minot Municipal Court. He is scheduled to make an initial appearance on the charge there on May 24. A Class B misdemeanor carries a maximum sentence of 30 days in the county jail.

Some comments on the Minot Daily News Facebook page further claim that some Magic City Campus students have been suspended this week for posting memes on social media making fun of the school staff members who decided to press charges. According to one Facebook comment, the three students involved in the water balloon fight will not be allowed to walk across the stage at the Minot High School graduation later this month.

Slotsve said Friday she could not comment on school discipline or about specific students.

An online petition asking for the charges to be dropped has been set up at https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/release-the-charges-on-mcc-senior-prank


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