Fargo fighter on the rise

Mariah “MPX” Prussia battles Alexa Connors at 4 Bears

Submitted Photo Fargo native Mariah Prussia looks to add another victory to her 5-2 record as she battles Alexa Connors during Fight Night at 4 Bears Casino & Lodge, Saturday.

St. Patrick’s Day weekend will feature mindblowing knockouts as Mixed Martial Arts stars collide during Fight Night Saturday at 4 Bears Casino & Lodge.

Mariah Prussia, a Fargo native, will take on MMA contender Alexa Connors.

Nicknamed “MPX” (Mariah Prussia Xtreme), Prussia is respected for her physical toughness and feared for her thunderous take downs.

“I’m not afraid of getting hit,” Prussia said. “I don’t train to lose nor does any other fighter. The goal is to be aggressive and to find your opening or create them.”

Possessing a lethal combination of swift hands and steady footwork, Prussia methodically swarms opponents by slipping punches, parrying kicks and blocking powerful strikes.

After effectively countering or in some cases absorbing the attack of her opposition, Prussia punishes competitors by ramming them against the cage before smashing them to the mat.

For the Fargo fighter, crushing the will of her competition provides a fanatical rush.

“I’m not going to lie, it feels damn good to take someone down,” Prussia said. “When you can lift someone up and take them down, it’s an empowering feeling. When you take the wind out of someone’s sails, it’s acknowledging it first and then capitalizing on the rest.”

With two wins by way of submission matched by two decision victories on her growing resume, Prussia has shown the stamina to outlast the competition or physically dominate them with her superb fitness.

When facing the unpredictable and highly experienced Alexa Connors, Prussia’s fitness and strategy will play a critical role to during the bout.

“Alexa is going to be a very tough opponent,” Prussia said. “She’s clearly going to have more experience and she’s a younger fighter with an 8 and 1 amateur record.”

Although Connors is 2-1 professionally, her 8-1 amateur record draws attention from MMA fighters.

Connors is a striker known for unleashing “Superman Punches” during the fight. Prussia will rely on her mental and physical toughness.

“When you grow up in the North Dakota and Minnesota area, you have to be tough, especially when growing up on a farm,” Prussia said.

Holding a degree in exercise science from Minnesota State University Moorhead, Prussia is an accomplished personal trainer of 17 years.

In 2013, Prussia’s journey toward MMA stardom began inside her Fargo-based gym formerly known as Xtreme Measures.

After completing a kick boxing session, a client was impressed with Prussia’s athleticism and recommended the fitness instructor consider MMA.

Within two MMA classes, Prussia decided to pursue a competitive future in the rising sport.

Today, the Fargo native teaches and trains at MPX Fitness Training MMA.

From positively shaping the confidence of her clients to delivering devastating strikes to oncoming opponents, Prussia strives to be an example of strength, integrity and hard work.

As MMA continues to expand, Prussia sees a unique opportunity to blaze her own trail while inspiring young girls and women to fight for their dreams.

“Anytime you can put yourself in a role to empower young women, it feels great,” Prussia said. “I fight because I love fighting but I also love the opportunity to show other people that if you have the will you will find the way.”