Kalix receives industry accreditation

Submitted Photo From left to right, Elizabeth Sites (CQL), Roland Arrayan, Connie Lowman, Joy Smith, Rod Martinson, Christine Norris (CQL), Misty Wanner, Corey Boucher, Jodi Wright, Borgi Beeler and Diane Boutilier.

Kalix announced its recent accreditation in Person-Centered Excellence through 2022 received from the Council on Quality and Leadership.

Kalix has been accredited by CQL and its predecessor organizations since 1986. As a leader in the industry, Kalix has had the opportunity to work with CQL to define the quality measures and reaccreditation process. An accreditation review based on quality measures covers all aspects of an agency, and focuses on continued growth and development. Once compliance with the basics is achieved, CQL works with the organization to further develop individualized services that lead to positive individual outcomes and enhanced community involvement.

Kalix has a history in Minot as an incorporated agency since the 1960’s and currently serves adults with disabilities 18 years and older both residentially and vocationally in five North Dakota locations including Minot, Belcourt, Rolla, Langdon, and Grand Forks. Employment opportunities offered by Kalix include The Recycling Center in Minot, a commercial laundry facility in Minot, a Thrift Store in Belcourt, and various federal contracts.

Most recently, Kalix expanded the Kalix Employee/Employer Partnership (K.E.E.P.) program, dedicated to supporting people to obtain competitive employment in integrated environments in Minot and surrounding communities.

Kalix is honored to work with the Council on Quality and Leadership, which provides human service organizations and systems a proven framework for quality monitoring and enhancement. The accreditation process goes far beyond just an on-site review, encompassing an ongoing partnership where CQL and the agency collaborate to ensure that person-centered approaches are playing out not only in policy but especially in practice. Kalix will continue to partner with CQL as a support to provide quality services, work toward increased opportunities for independence, and develop community connection in fulfillment of maximum quality of life for all people served.

“Over the last thirty years, the industry and accreditation standards have changed exponentially. Our partnership with CQL has contributed to our success, and we remain committed to continuous improvement,” said Borgi Beeler, president/CEO of Kalix.