Bringing the taste of Texas to Minot

Monty’s serving up Texas style barbecue in a truck

Ashton Gerard/MDN Daniel Montgomery stands outside his truck on North Broadway. Montgomery encourages people to use the truck as a drive-thru in the winter.

Daniel Montgomery has a passion for barbecue. Growing up in Goldthwaite, right in the heart of Texas, authentic Texas barbecue is all he knows.

Thus, Monty’s Heart of Texas Barbeque was born. You may have seen this truck set up south of the north Taco Johns on the same lot as Kaffee Kiosk. Montgomery has had his barbecue truck on North Broadway since July.

“In the summer, business is great,” Montgomery said. “In the winter, it’s kind of sketchy.”

To make his food more accessible in the winter, Montgomery took the awnings off of the truck so that people can enjoy a drive-up barbecue experience and shield themselves from the North Dakota cold. Montgomery wants to make sure anyone can enjoy the taste of Texas barbecue.

Though Montgomery isn’t originally from Minot, he served in the Air Force in the late 1980’s in Minot. After his service and starting a family, he decided to move them up to Minot and has been here since 2008.

When Montgomery started his truck, there wasn’t an authentic barbeque truck yet in the city. He wanted to bring a fast, fun, and Southern inspired barbecue experience to the people of Minot.

“I’ve cooked since I was 19-years-old,” Montgomery said. “It’s what I know, it’s what I like to do.”

Montgomery fires up the pit every morning behind his truck to prepare his food for the day, giving everything a nice, real wood smoked taste.

Montgomery has two popular items that repeat customers love, the pulled pork and the brisket. He also offers what he calls the “Sloppy Hog Sandwich.” It is a pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw on top. This is a creation Montgomery says people really enjoy.

Unfortunately, the lot Montgomery is stationed at right now has been sold and he is currently looking for somewhere else to set up shop.

“I have to find a new spot so, I don’t know where I’ll go to, but I am looking. I have put it out on Facebook asking people what their thoughts were,” he said.

For now, Monty’s BBQ is up and fully functioning still at the North Broadway location. The truck is open Tuesday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

To stay up-to-date with deals, look at the full menu, and follow Montgomery to wherever he moves to next, visit his Facebook page at Monty’s BBQ.