State Parks awards trail project grants

State Parks awards trail project grants

The North Dakota Parks & Recreation Department has awarded approximately $1 million in grants through the Recreaton Trails Program for fiscal year 2020. The RTP Advisory Committee ranked and selected 13 of 17 applications for funding this year. It is the largest number of projects that have been funded through this program in one fiscal year.

The Recreational Trails Program is an 80/20 matching grant program that provides funding for both motorized and non-motorized recreational trail projects. Examples of eligible projects include the construction of new recreation trails, restoration of existing trails, development and rehabilitation of trailside and trailhead facilities and trail linkages, purchase and lease of recreational trail construction and maintenance equipment, land acquisition/easements, and trail accessibility assessment.

The selected projects were funded as follows:

1. Bismarck Parks and Recreation District— Sibley Hiking Trail

2. Bureau of Land Management— Schnell Ranch Recreation Area Trial

3. Hunter/Arthur JPA Park Board— Northern Cass Pass

4. Maah Daah Hey Trail Association— Sully Restoration

5. City of Rolla— The Legacy Path

6. Pembina Gorge Foundation— Mountain Bike Trail Phase II

7. NDPRD— Lake Metigoshe State Park D Loop Dock

8. NDPRD— Winter Trail Grooming Equipment

9. USDA Forest Service— Maah Daah Hey Trail Restoration

10. USDA Forest Service— Buffalo Gap Trail

11. SND— Program Upgrades 2019

12. Barnes County Soil Conservation District— Riparian Park

13. City of Lincoln— Lincoln Shared Use Path

“This last year has reinforced how important outdoor opportunities are for the health and well-being of citizens of North Dakota,” stated Andrea Travnicek, Director of the North Dakota Parks & Recreation Department. “We are excited to award so many communities with the opportunity to grow and enhance the recreational trails they can offer their citizens and visitors.”