North Dakota Supreme Court rejects Democrat replacement bid

BISMARCK (AP) — The North Dakota Supreme Court on Friday ruled against Democrats who petitioned to get a replacement candidate for insurance commissioner on the November ballot.

Democrats had argued that state law allows them to substitute a candidate after the court removed their previous candidate because she was ineligible for the office.

Last week, the Supreme Court justices found Travisia Martin was not eligible to hold the office of insurance commissioner because her residency in North Dakota falls short of the five-year requirement for the job. The Democratic-NPL Party’s Executive Committee then endorsed Fargo insurance agent Jason Anderson as its candidate for insurance commissioner and argued that he could appear on the ballot in November.

But the justices ruled that the state law allowing political parties to fill candidate vacancies did not apply because Martin was not eligible for the office.

Four justices ruled in favor of denying the Democrats’ petition, while one justice dissented.