Health Dept. confirms UND student does not have COVID-19

BISMARCK – The North Dakota Health Department has confirmed a University of North Dakota student does not have COVID-19.
“The test was negative,” said Nicole Peske, public information officer for the N.D. Health Department.
The student was tested for the possibility of COVID-19, also known as coronavirus. The student agreed to be self-quarantined apart from general populations, pending confirmation of test results.
North Dakota has no confirmed cases of COVID-19, according to the N.D. Health Department.
“The testing for COVID-19 is done here at our public health lab,” Peske said. She said physicians can also send their samples to private labs such as Quest, Mayo or Lab Corps. “Those labs are out of state, but are also verified through CDC. From start to finish the testing takes less than six hours. Sometimes we hold a sample to batch it with another sample we know is coming in to save on testing resources,” she said.