Game and Fish seeks habitat contractors

Contractors who are able to perform habitat work on Private Land Open To Sportsmen program lands across the state are invited to add their businesses to a database that the North Dakota Game and Fish Department will maintain on its website to help landowners who are looking to develop wildlife habitat on their property.

PLOTS is an agreement between the private landowner and Game and Fish Department to open private land to walking hunting access. These contracts can involve establishing or enhancing wildlife habitat, such as grass plantings and food plots on PLOTS lands. However, if the landowner does not have the necessary equipment to perform the work, a contractor is usually needed.

“In some parts of the state, there is a shortage of contractors, or equipment, to perform habitat work,” said Kevin Kading, Game and Fish private lands section leader. “The bulk of the habitat work is planting native and introduced grasses, which requires a tractor, operator and a no-till drill or native grass drill. Other work can include wildlife food plots and tree plantings.”

Providing company information does not guarantee any future work, but as projects come about, the Department will refer landowners to interested contractors. More information about the PLOTS program is also available on the Game and Fish website, or by calling the Game and Fish Department at 328-6300.