There’s a lot going on with Bison senior Morgan

FARGO — About the only thing missing from the relaxed look of Grant Morgan outside the North Dakota State football locker room earlier this week was him whistling some sort of soft gospel tune. The maturity was impressive.
It’s not as if the senior defensive tackle has nothing going on these days. Of course, everybody knows about the FCS semifinal clash with Sam Houston State (Texas) on Friday, Dec. 15, at Gate City Bank Field at the Fargodome.
Before the game, Grant will go through graduation ceremonies that start at 2 p.m. at the Sanford Health Athletic Complex. Oh, and did we mention he and his wife, Morgan, are due for the birth of their first child this month?
“I try not to be too worked up about it,” Grant said. “The more I think about it, the more nervous I can get I guess. The biggest thing is my faith; just trusting the timing will be right with everything.”
The baby is due Dec. 26, but Grant said the doctors think it could arrive earlier.
“It could be this week, it could be Christmas,” he said.
If it’s this week, then football will have to take a back seat.
“I really hope that doesn’t happen but if she goes into labor before or during the game, I’m definitely going to leave and be with my wife,” Grant said. “It would be a tough situation to be in but I’m just hoping it doesn’t happen. If I do have to run out, I know the coaching staff and my teammates will understand. That’s a pretty big thing in life to be there for.”
Head coach Chris Klieman said he and Grant talk every week on the prospects of delivery.
“Of course he’s an expert and says, well, I think we’ll be a week away, could be any day,” Klieman said with a grin. “I said, ‘Well, it’s not up to us, Grant.’ But he’s ready. He’s ready to be a dad. Whenever that happens he’ll be there.”
Klieman calls Grant an “unbelievable” mentor to the younger players. He’s one of the leaders in the team’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes group.
On the flipside, Grant said he’s gotten some good mentorship from the Bison coaching staff, who are husbands and fathers willing to give advice on anything.
“It’s been neat to get their viewpoint of things,” he said.
Grant took his last final exam on Monday, so the rest of this week has been consumed with the Sam Houston game. There’s a lot to digest; the Bearkats bring one of the country’s top offenses to the Fargodome … on a week when he’s graduating and his wife is closing in on a due date.
“I know for sure if I was trying to figure all of this out on my own I’d probably be a wreck,” said Grant, whose wife is former Bison volleyball player Morgan Samec. “Just having the support of my family, Morgan’s family, the coaching staff and my teammates. Morgan and I feel relaxed and we trust whatever happens will work out.”