Early end to points race season at NODAK Speedway

The race season had a new vibe for the 2024 season. The points race was completed earlier than usual. The goal was to be finished prior to the state fair and harvest time for the farms that many racers tend in the fall.

With that in mind, the results are in and local racers have done well. Minot racers claimed two top spots while Max and Bowbells each had one racer atop the standings.

IMC Hobby Stock

The winners are in and local racers Kyler Satran in car 22 of Minot and Brennor Grinstead of Stanley in car 51X are neck-and-neck in the IMCA Hobby Stock points race. Satran sits atop the list with 304 points for the championship while Grinstead was second with 303 points.

Diezel Raynard of Lampman, Saskatoon, in car 96R finished in third place with 288 points. Alex Tvedt from Minot in car 103 was in fourth place with 270 points. Scott Joern was at fifth with 244, Jason Ruby was at sixth with 242 and Thomas Goldsberry was at seventh with 236 points. All three are from Minot. Connor Hanson from Torquay, Saskatoon finished at eighth with 235, Tyson Grinstead from Bismarck was at ninth with 231 and Brian Tvedt from Minot was at 226 points to round out the top ten.

IMCA Modified

Steven Pfeifer from Bowbells in car 11 built a large lead to take first place at 343 points with three wins. Chris Tuchscherer of Burlington in car 73T took second with 307 points. Marcus Tomlinson of Turtle Lake in car 5T won third place with 301 points to round out the top three.

Isaac Sondrol from Turtle Lake was in fourth place with 297 points. Jerad Thelen was at fifth place with 269 points, Erik Laudenshchlager was at sixth with 264 points and Robert Hellebust was at seventh place with 256 points. All three are from Minot. Caden Germundson from Washburn finished in eighth place with 239 points. Travis Tooley from Dickinson was at ninth place with 222 points while Minot racer Drew Christianson with 213 points rounds out the top ten.

IMCA Northern SportMod

Minot local driver, Darren Medler, in car 74 had two wins on the season and garnered 297 points and for first place. Bottineau racer, Gabriel Deschamp, in car 21D had 290 points in second place. Taylor Stenvold from Minot in car 21 had 275 points in third place.

Williston driver Tim Goodwin was in fourth place with 261 points. Keenan Glasser from Estevan, Saskatoon was in fifth place with 252 points. Shawn Keena from Bismarck had 249 points in sixth place. Christopher Zenz from Max had 244 points in seventh place. Robby Rosselli and Cole Hanshew both had 239 points and each are from Minot. Dirk Miller from Minot had 228 points in tenth place.

IMCA Sport Compact

Local driver Benjamin Burke finished in first place at 268 points. Krys Yost from Belfour was in second place with 263 points. Bismarck racer Alex Thompson claimed third place with 260 points.

Kyle Eklund from Sawyer was in fourth place with 256 points. Lily Christianson from Minot won fifth place with 238 points. Averie Langeson from Granville was in sixth place with 217 points. Zach Hughbanks from Minot was in seventh place with 215 points. Harrison Schwartz from Foxholm had 213 points in eighth place. Abby Tallman with 188 points took ninth place and Brian Hughbanks with 171 points was in tenth place and are both from Minot.

IMCA Stock Car

Max racer, Will Scheresky in car 77, won first place with two wins and 329 points while Mike Hagen in car 27X from Williston had the same point total in second place from tiebreaker rules. Gabriel Deschamp in car 21 from Bottineau was in third place with 328 points while Kyle Scholpp from Lampman, Saskatoon was in fourth place with 326 points in the tight season points race.

Joren Boyce from Minot finished in fifth place with 297 points. Will Matejovic from Burlington had 271 points in sixth place. Shawn Green from Minot was in seventh place with 270 points. Gary Goudy Sr from Stoughton, Saskatoon had 254 points in eighth place. Adam Goff with 236 points in ninth place and Brett Green with 226 points in tenth place are both from Minot.


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