MHS outlasts Century 98-88 in WDA thriller

James Jackson/MDN In a WDA matchup that never disappoints, it took the final race of the night to seal Minot High’s 98-88 win over West Region rival Century on Thursday night.

In a clash of the top swimming and diving programs in the WDA, Minot High looked to add another notch in their current win streak as they welcomed West Region rival Century to the Magic City Campus on Thursday.

Steering the Minot High Majettes through another success-filled campaign, head coach Emily Jensen has her program leaving all opponents in their wake recently.

After racking up four straight wins to conclude the Capital City Multi-Duals on Sept. 10, the Majettes have since dominated in duals against Bismarck High and Jamestown, along with taking first place at their home-hosted Minot High Invite on Sept. 24.

Although getting hefty contributions from a number of swimmers, it has been Majettes divers Haley Conklin and Ella Kesler that have had the pool on fire as of late.

Just one of many testaments to their diving skills and significance in the Majettes’ success this year, both Conklin and Kesler beat the Minot High pool and school record in the 11-dive meet this past Saturday.

Touting the importance of the divers to the Majettes program, Coach Jensen stated, “Each weekend they continue to improve and get better. It is fun to see the growth even from meet to meet.”

Elaborating further, Jensen would note that as it pertains to Conklin and Kesler, “Having their level of talent helps our whole diving program. We are excited for their future as Majettes divers.”

Aiming to regain their early season form, the Century Patriots have proven in their 2022-2023 campaign that they have the proven firepower to lay claim to the WDA thrown.

On an undefeated stretch to start the first month of play, the Patriots would take the top spot in the Williston Coyote Invite and the Capital City Draw, along with a litany of duals victories, including one over Minot High on Sept. 1.

However, in their last two appearances at invites, Century has finished in seventh and third place overall.

With the stands full of enthusiastic onlookers and the girls’ 200-yard medley relay kicking off the night, both teams wasted no time working to put their squad on top.

Taking first in the opening event for the Majettes was the group of Ava Williamson, Elise Altringer, Sam Vonbokern, and Gabby Osborn with a time of 1:55:37.

Nevertheless, Century would manage to capture second and third place, keeping the score tight between the teams.

Trading punches in each event, neither team could pull away on the scoreboard, with mere points separating the Majettes and Patriots throughout the night.

Building off their success from the first event, Minot High’s Altringer would later take first place in girls’ 200-yard freestyle with a time of 2:01:88, while Williamson would come out on top in the girls’ 200-yard individual medley with a time of 2:19:57.

Once again serving as a pillar of dependability for Minot High were divers Conklin and Kesler, whose respective scores of 269.85 and 264.95 paved the way for their first- and second-place finishes.

Deadlocked heading into the last event, the better of the two teams on Thursday night would ultimately be decided by the girls’ 400-yard freestyle relay.

Like virtually every other race of the evening, Century and Minot High would stay neck-to-neck with every trip down the lanes, bringing the fans to their feet and sending a tactile rumble throughout the natatorium.

It would take the final 25 yards to decide the winner between the WDA rivals, but a gritty run down the final stretch would secure not only first and second place for the Majettes in the race, but a 98-88 win over the Patriots.

Speaking about the significance of the Majettes win, Coach Jensen would say, “Every time we have matched up against Century this season, we’ve edged closer and closer to knocking them off. Tonight’s win proves to our team that we are getting better every day.”

Next week, Minot High will face off at home against Mandan, as Century stays on the road to take part in the West Fargo Invite.

Girls 200 Yard Medley Relay

1, Minot High School-ND ‘A’ (Williamson, Ava , Altringer, Elise , Vonbokern, Sam , Osborn, Gabby ), 1:55.37. 2, Bismarck Century High School ‘A’ (Michela, Caylee , Tivis, Mady , Jablonsky, Abby , Caster, Lauryn ), 1:56.75. 3, Bismarck Century High School ‘B’ (Duchsherer, Kylie , McEvers, Hannah, Vallie, Emma , Nelson, Sady ), 2:03.61. 4, Minot High School-ND ‘B’ (Flaten, Caelin , Metzger, Haili , Vonbokern, Sophia , Fricke, Maggie ), 2:06.17. –, Minot High School-ND ‘C’ (Dunstan, Emily , Strandlien, Vianne , Lyman, Madison, Valdez, Hailee ), X2:09.11. –, Bismarck Century High School ‘C’ (Caster, Aubrey , Cook, Cadence , Smithers, Hannah , Polk, Shea ), X2:10.69. –, Bismarck Century High School ‘D’ (Knudson, Joelle , Lubale, Rachael , Buck Elk, Alynna , Wolf, Jurnee ), X2:14.86. –, Minot High School-ND ‘D’ (Senger, Madi , Steckler, Autumn , Martin, Lainey , King, Kassidy ), X2:15.26. –, Bismarck Century High School ‘E’ (Pudwill, Jayda , Clark, Maya , Richards, Brooklyn , Schaff, Maria ), X2:26.55. –, Bismarck Century High School ‘G’ (Kuklok, Kiera , Francetich, Maren , Ferderer, Bailey , Schaible, Sophia ), X2:28.80. –, Bismarck Century High School ‘F’ (Stolldorf, Calleigh , Walker, Norah , Rush, Delaney , Thompson, Elsie ), X2:34.03.

Girls 200 Yard Freestyle

1, Altringer, Elise, MIN-ND, 2:01.88. 2, Mrachek, Sienna, Century, 2:06.75. 3, Osadchy, Molly, Century, 2:10.15. 4, Vallie, Emma, Century, 2:10.37. 5, Flaten, Caelin, MIN-ND, 2:10.40. 6, Vonbokern, Sophia, MIN-ND, 2:14.29. –, Kerzmann, Erin, MIN-ND, X2:13.34. –, Dunstan, Emily, MIN-ND, X2:13.73. –, Neumann, Ava, MIN-ND, X2:14.18. –, Quam, Kirby, MIN-ND, X2:14.74. –, Kuklok, Kiera, Century, X2:26.61. –, Ferderer, Bailey, Century, X2:28.13. –, Aberle, Isabelle, MIN-ND, X2:33.40. –, Clark, Ella, Century, X2:36.08. –, Anderson, Emily, Century, X2:58.39.

Girls 200 Yard IM

1, Williamson, Ava, MIN-ND, 2:19.57. 2, Jablonsky, Abby, Century, 2:25.32. 3, Lubale, Rachael, Century, 2:26.69. 4, Duchsherer, Kylie, Century, 2:29.82. 5, Osborn, Gabby, MIN-ND, 2:30.86. 6, Lyman, Madison, MIN-ND, 2:31.42. –, Metzger, Havanna, MIN-ND, X2:32.67. –, Strandlien, Vianne, MIN-ND, X2:35.59.

Girls 50 Yard Freestyle

1, Vonbokern, Sam, MIN-ND, 25.11. 2, Caster, Lauryn, Century, 25.23. 3, Goodman, Reese, MIN-ND, 26.25. 4, Erickson, Ava, Century, 26.68. 5, Fricke, Maggie, MIN-ND, 26.94. 6, Nelson, Sady, Century, 27.25. –, Caster, Aubrey, Century, X27.35. –, Cook, Cadence, Century, X27.77. –, Valdez, Hailee, MIN-ND, X27.81. –, Metzger, Haili, MIN-ND, X29.26. –, Smithers, Hannah, Century, X29.41. –, Knudson, Joelle, Century, X29.99. –, Martin, Lainey, MIN-ND, X30.07. –, Senger, Madi, MIN-ND, X30.15. –, Polk, Shea, Century, X30.19. –, Kraft, Julia, MIN-ND, X30.22. –, Wolf, Jurnee, Century, X30.53. –, Stolldorf, Calleigh, Century, X30.56. –, Richards, Brooklyn, Century, X31.06. –, Buck Elk, Alynna, Century, X31.28. –, Miller, Keira, MIN-ND, X31.29. –, Clark, Maya, Century, X31.46. –, Steckler, Autumn, MIN-ND, X31.57. –, Leys, Lily Sue, MIN-ND, X32.33. –, Francetich, Maren, Century, X32.51. –, Rush, Delaney, Century, X32.75. –, Thompson, Elsie, Century, X33.70. –, Meyer, Julia, Century, X35.30. –, Anderson, Kinsley, Century, X37.57. –, Nairn, Nora, Century, X40.75. –, Haman, Rhyan, Century, XDQ.

Girls 1 mtr Diving

1, Conklin, Haley, MIN-ND, 269.85. 2, Kesler, Ella, MIN-ND, 264.95. 3, Nielsen, Ashlyn, MIN-ND, 235.15. 4, Pudwill, Rylie, Century, 162.45. 5, Abryzo, Ava, Century, 143.65. 6, Barth, Nevaeh, Century, 129.05. –, Cowper, Sylvia, MIN-ND, X179.35. –, Conejo, Ave, MIN-ND, X171.70. –, Bell, Sophie, MIN-ND, X169.05. –, Stahl, Kylie, Century, X146.95. –, Dockter, Haley, Century, X108.45. –, Haider, Kaydence, Century, X105.40.

Girls 100 Yard Butterfly

1, Jablonsky, Abby, Century, 1:05.42. 2, Vallie, Emma, Century, 1:06.19. 3, Goodman, Reese, MIN-ND, 1:06.21. 4, Lyman, Madison, MIN-ND, 1:06.31. 5, Tivis, Mady, Century, 1:07.01. 6, Martin, Lainey, MIN-ND, 1:11.36. –, Kerzmann, Erin, MIN-ND, X1:11.26. –, Pudwill, Jayda, Century, X1:11.72. –, Caster, Aubrey, Century, X1:11.83. –, Buck Elk, Alynna, Century, X1:19.46. –, Clark, Maya, Century, X1:20.47.

Girls 100 Yard Freestyle

1, Caster, Lauryn, Century, 55.23. 2, Altringer, Elise, MIN-ND, 55.36. 3, Edwards, Bostyn, MIN-ND, 58.21. 4, Osborn, Gabby, MIN-ND, 58.31. 5, Erickson, Ava, Century, 58.35. 6, McEvers, Hannah, Century, 1:00.56. –, Dunstan, Emily, MIN-ND, X59.16. –, Osadchy, Molly, Century, X59.39. –, Cook, Cadence, Century, X1:02.89. –, Quam, Kirby, MIN-ND, X1:03.03. –, Bahr, Zoe, MIN-ND, X1:03.29. –, Knudson, Joelle, Century, X1:04.98. –, Senger, Madi, MIN-ND, X1:07.16. –, Stolldorf, Calleigh, Century, X1:07.50. –, Miller, Keira, MIN-ND, X1:07.68. –, Ferderer, Bailey, Century, X1:07.69. –, Wolf, Jurnee, Century, X1:07.95. –, King, Kassidy, MIN-ND, X1:07.99. –, Schaff, Maria, Century, X1:11.28. –, Clark, Ella, Century, X1:12.19. –, Leys, Lily Sue, MIN-ND, X1:13.69. –, Walker, Norah, Century, X1:13.83. –, Polk, Shea, Century, X1:15.27. –, Schaible, Sophia, Century, X1:22.78. –, Nairn, Nora, Century, X1:28.73. –, Haman, Rhyan, Century, X1:33.80. –, Rush, Delaney, Century, XDQ.

Girls 500 Yard Freestyle

1, Vonbokern, Sam, MIN-ND, 5:30.82. 2, Mrachek, Sienna, Century, 5:38.13. 3,

Michela, Caylee, Century, 5:45.75. 4, Fricke, Maggie, MIN-ND, 5:50.23. 5, Lubale, Rachael, Century, 5:54.16. 6, Neumann, Ava, MIN-ND, 5:59.95.

Girls 200 Yard Freestyle Relay

1, Bismarck Century High School ‘A’ (Caster, Lauryn , Erickson, Ava , Mrachek, Sienna , Tivis, Mady ), 1:43.94. 2, Minot High School-ND ‘A’ (Goodman, Reese , Fricke, Maggie , Osborn, Gabby , Edwards, Bostyn ), 1:45.17. 3, Minot High School-ND ‘B’ (Strandlien, Vianne , Valdez, Hailee , Quam, Kirby , Lyman, Madison ), 1:52.56. –, Bismarck Century High School ‘C’ (Caster, Aubrey , Knudson, Joelle , Richards, Brooklyn , Cook, Cadence ), X1:55.18. –, Minot High School-ND ‘D’ (Neumann, Ava , King, Kassidy , Kerzmann, Erin , Miller, Keira ), X1:59.14. –, Minot High School-ND ‘C’ (Bahr, Zoe , Metzger, Havanna , Kraft, Julia , Senger, Madi ), X1:59.18. –, Minot High School-ND ‘E’ (Steckler, Autumn , Aberle, Isabelle , Leys, Lily Sue , Martin, Lainey ), X2:04.67. –, Bismarck Century High School ‘E’ (Rush, Delaney , Clark, Maya , Ferderer, Bailey , Walker, Norah ), X2:08.13. –, Bismarck Century High School ‘D’ (Stolldorf, Calleigh , Wolf, Jurnee , Polk, Shea , Buck Elk, Alynna ), X2:08.18. –, Bismarck Century High School ‘G’ (Anderson, Emily , Meyer, Julia , Thompson, Elsie , Nairn, Nora ), X2:32.98. –, Bismarck Century High School ‘B’ (Osadchy, Molly , Lubale, Rachael , McEvers, Hannah , Jablonsky, Abby ), DQ.

Girls 100 Yard Backstroke

1, Williamson, Ava, MIN-ND, 1:03.25. 2, Michela, Caylee, Century, 1:07.63. 3, Duchsherer, Kylie, Century, 1:07.79. 4, Smithers, Hannah, Century, 1:08.81. 5, Flaten, Caelin, MIN-ND, 1:10.62. 6, Kraft, Julia, MIN-ND, 1:16.98. –, Nelson, Sady, Century, X1:09.27. –, Valdez, Hailee, MIN-ND, X1:15.73. –, Aberle, Isabelle, MIN-ND, X1:18.94. –, Anderson, Emily, Century, X1:34.67. –, Schaible, Sophia, Century, X1:35.04. –, Anderson, Kinsley, Century, X2:04.43.

Girls 100 Yard Breaststroke

1, Tivis, Mady, Century, 1:13.38. 2, Richards, Brooklyn, Century, 1:16.59. 3, Edwards, Bostyn, MIN-ND, 1:16.99. 4, Metzger, Haili, MIN-ND, 1:17.38. 5, Vonbokern, Sophia, MIN-ND, 1:17.56. 6, McEvers, Hannah, Century, 1:17.77. 7, Kuklok, Kiera, Century, x1:26.03. –, Metzger, Havanna, MIN-ND, X1:15.04. –, Pudwill, Jayda, Century, X1:21.39. –, Strandlien, Vianne, MIN-ND, X1:21.50. –, Bahr, Zoe, MIN-ND, X1:24.51. –, Steckler, Autumn, MIN-ND, X1:26.01. –, Francetich, Maren, Century, X1:30.77. –, Schaff, Maria, Century, X1:32.94. –, Walker, Norah, Century, X1:34.05. –, King, Kassidy, MIN-ND, X1:36.85. –, Meyer, Julia, Century, X1:38.98. –, Thompson, Elsie, Century, X1:45.02.

Girls 400 Yard Freestyle Relay

1, Minot High School-ND ‘A’ (Altringer, Elise , Edwards, Bostyn , Williamson, Ava , Vonbokern, Sam ), 3:49.25. 2, Minot High School-ND ‘B’ (Goodman, Reese , Vonbokern, Sophia , Flaten, Caelin , Dunstan, Emily ), 3:58.41. 3, Bismarck Century High School ‘A’ (Erickson, Ava , Michela, Caylee , Osadchy, Molly , Vallie, Emma ), 3:58.46. 4, Bismarck Century High School ‘B’ (Nelson, Sady , Pudwill, Jayda , Duchsherer, Kylie , Mrachek, Sienna ), 4:00.88. 5, Minot High School-ND ‘C’ (Neumann, Ava , Kerzmann, Erin , Quam, Kirby , Bahr, Zoe ), x4:16.15. 6, Bismarck Century High School ‘C’ (Kuklok, Kiera , Clark, Ella , Anderson, Kinsley , Smithers, Hannah ), x5:04.80. 7, Bismarck Century High School ‘D’ (Meyer, Julia , Nairn, Nora , Schaible, Sophia , Anderson, Emily ), x5:35.19.

Women – Team Rankings – Through Event 12 1, Minot High School, 98. 2, Bismarck Century High School, 88.


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