New sports editor looking to make an impact at Minot Daily News

My name is Robert Brewer and I am your new sports editor.

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and have been a life long sports fan. From Joe Montana, to Dwight Gooden, Bo Jackson Mike Tyson and Patrick Ewing, I emersed myself in the world of sports ever since I can remember. Whether it was playing, watching, coaching or writing about sports, I always knew

I would find my way into the industry in some form or fashion.

You may be asking, ‘how did you end up in North Dakota?’ The funny thing is, I ask myself the same exact question. In my wildest dreams, I never thought my sports journey would take me to the Midwestern region of the United States. I guess the best way to explain it would be that my open minded approach to following a passion helped lead me down this path.

Prior to coming to Minot, I served as sports editor for the Williston Herald where I had the privilege of covering the Western Dakota Association for the past two seasons. As part of my beat, I reported on the Williston Coyotes athletic program, the same school that produced basketball coaching icon Phil Jackson.

In addition to my Coyote coverage, I also made sure to include plenty of Class B action as well. Most notably, the Trenton High girls basketball team enjoyed tremendous success in my two year stint with the Herald as the clinched back-to-back state tournament appearances for the first time in school history.

Already having a working knowledge of the North Dakota prep sports scene, I felt quite confident that I could perform the duties of the job I currently have.

Before setting foot in the Peace Garden State, I honed my writing skills in Minnesota where I worked for a pair of weekly newspapers from 2016 to 2018. There, I believe my abilities as a writer were put to the ultimate test as I was required to cover news topics I had very little knowledge of. As a life long passionate sports fan, I never really cared to emerse myself in other areas such as local government, farming, law enforcement and culinary arts. My time in Minnesota helped to not only broaden my horizons, but also prepared me to write about any and everything.

During my four years in the Midwest, a far cry from the big city life I used to know, I have learned the importance of local content. Whether it is here, Williston, or rural Minnesota, folks want to keep tabs on how their kids, and in some cases grandkids, are performing in their respective sports. Sure, watching the pros is fun, but readers of local newspapers want to know about the children and young adults with whom they have a vested interest in. As such, my goal is to provide exactly what I think our readers want.

As I settle into my new role in the sports department, my vision is to rely less on national wire copy, and produce more local content. Whether it happens to be Class A or B, youth sports or a local strongman competition, I want to be the source of sports news this community can depend on. Like all my previous adventures, I come into this position armed with a passion and an open mind, and I look forward to meeting some great people along the way.


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