Off night at Nedrose

Ciara Parizek/MDN The Nedrose Cardinals gather in the middle of the court to celebrate a well earned point against Velva on Tuesday evening.
Ciara Parizek/MDN Alexis Lancaster (25) jumps for a spike against the Velva Aggies on Tuesday night.

The Nedrose Cardinals had a close and competitive game last night with the Velva Aggies. They gave it what they had, but the Aggies still won 3-0.

The Aggies took the first set, but the Cardinals weren’t planning on giving up any time soon. Kaelie Eggen, Alexis Lancaster, and Sophia Svystunova set up in the front row, prepared to block the incoming ball. Velva started out strong, and Nedrose did their best to catch up.

When the ball was softly set over the net, both teams dove for it to keep it alive. The teams and the crowd both cheered as their players scored. During a rally in the second set, the ball traveled over the net at least 5 times.

As the points racked up for the Cardinals, Mariana Quezada and Kaylie Gruber jumped out of their chairs in excitement.

The beginning of the third set started point for point, going from one squad to the other. However, Velva pulled away slightly and took the last point to end the game.


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