Teammate tag: Maya Wald, Grace Candrian

Bishop Ryan's Maya Wald (left) greets referee Zac Elgie (right) before a game.

Editor’s note: The teammate tag is a series of eight questions designed to test how well two teammates know each other. Each athlete answers four questions about themselves and then attempts to predict their teammate’s answers to four different questions.

Maya Wald and Grace Candrian are former Bishop Ryan athletes. Wald and Candrian played basketball and volleyball together at Ryan.

Q: Would you rather attack the basket or shoot a 3-pointer?

Wald answer: “Shoot a three. Usually, I have a higher percentage of making the three over getting to the basket.”

Candrian guess: “Shoot a three, for sure. She’s so good at that. Sometimes, she’s afraid to attack the basket. She has an amazing shot, and she’s confident with her shot. She’ll shoot a three any day.”

Bishop Ryan's Grace Candrian looks to pass the ball during a game.

Wald reaction: “Yeah, I would expect her to get that right. That’s always my go-to.”

Q: Who is your favorite college basketball player?

Wald answer: “Kathleen Doyle. She just graduated this year, but she played for Iowa. I just like how she plays the game. She’s always very controlled and knows what to do. She’s always a good team player, too.”

Candrian guess: “That’s a hard one. I’ve never talked to her about this. Let’s just go with her sister, (former Minot State guard) Maddie Wald.

Wald reaction: “We don’t really talk so much about college basketball or the WNBA, so that’s a pretty good guess. (Maddie) would be my second-favorite.”

Q: Choose one: Ace, assist or kill?

Wald answer: “Ace. It’s really exciting. It’s kind of like your own thing. You don’t get them very often, so it’s fun.”

Candrian guess: “I think she said assist. Whenever she got an assist for someone instead of me, she’d always say, ‘Hey, Grace, I got an assist instead of you.’ We’d just laugh about it because I’m the setter. She always had a huge smile on her face when she did.”

Wald reaction: “Yeah, I did do that a lot. That was just a little joke between us. An ace is more fun to celebrate.”

Q: What was your favorite volleyball moment from this past season?

Wald answer: “We played Our Redeemer’s in districts and took a set from them. That was the most exciting part. We haven’t done that in a very long time.”

Candrian guess: “I’d say her favorite game was Our Redeemer’s. We beat them in a set, finally. We all wanted to do that because they’re a very well-rounded team. That game, we all came together. We had such fun with it and motivation. That was the most special game.”

Wald reaction: “That was very fun for us. It’s once in a season that you get to do that.”

Q: With the game on the line, which one of your teammates will make the clutch shot?

Candrian answer: “Probably Sydney Upton. She actually had a lot of clutch shots this past season. In two or three games with the last-second shot, she’s made them. We all celebrated with her after the game and just laughed with her about it.”

Wald guess: “Sydney Upton.”

Candrian reaction: “She always came in clutch in the game when we needed her. If it was a free throw or a key shot at the end, she always came in clutch.”

Q: Out of all your opponents, who is the toughest player to guard?

Candrian answer: “Leah Feland. She’s a very athletic player. She always has her head in the game. She can get away from you sometimes. She can be very difficult, but I think our team did pretty well against her this year. She’s very difficult to guard.”

Wald guess: “Olivia Passa. She always gets to the basket. You don’t know exactly what she’s going to do. She can shoot and drive.”

Candrian reaction: “Oh, yeah. Olivia is also a very good player. She knows how to drive and get to the hoop. She can shoot from anywhere on the court. I’d agree with that, too.”

Q: What was the most special volleyball moment in your career?

Candrian answer: “When I got 1,500 assists. I couldn’t have done it without my teammates, so to celebrate with them and my coaches was very special for me.”

Wald guess: “When she got her 1,500th assist at Bishop Ryan.”

Candrian reaction: “I think she knew that because we all just celebrated with each other. It was a very special moment. It’s not even about the assists, but my teammates, coaches and family members. It’s just very special for me.”

Q: Which color or flavor of Gatorade is your favorite?

Candrian answer: “Probably the light blue kind.”

Wald guess: “I think she likes blue.”

Candrian reaction: “I thought she would say orange at first. Normally, when we go places, I get the blue Gatorade.”

Jimmy Lafakis covers Minot High School sports and Class B high school sports. Follow him on Twitter @JJLII30.


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