Meet the Beavers: Teammate talk with MSU football on Media Day

A group of Minot State football players pose for a quick photo during a practice held earlier this month at Herb Parker Stadium in Minot. Alex Eisen/MDN

The hard pressing questions from the Minot Daily News were put on hold Friday morning as the Minot State University football team held Media Day at Herb Parker Stadium.

Instead of the typical runaround of doing preseason interviews about what the future might potentially hold, the Beavers took the time to provide some playful answers about something they should already know plenty about: their teammates.

Here is a glimpse of the players making up the 2018 MSU football team.

Which Beaver is most likely to score a fluky or lucky touchdown?

“Kristopher Bueno because he is the clumsiest and he is the luckiest.” — Lavante Bushnell, junior wide receiver.

“Eric Besalda. He is an O–lineman buddy of mine and he is always claiming that he is the most athletic O–lineman out there. But, we always give him a hard time.” — Parker Franzen, junior offensive lineman.

“Fluky touchdown, I think that has to be Logan Krueger at D–line. Last year, he scored a 70–something–yard touchdown on a pick–six and I think more crazy stuff like that could happen again.” — Peyton Lamoureux, freshman wide receiver.

Mike Aldrich’s selection: Chris Rivers, senior defensive back.

“I’m a defensive guy, so I think it’s going to be Chris Rivers because he is probably the goofiest kid we got. So, I just feel like if things are going to happen like that and the stars are going align, then they are going to align for that guy.”

Honorable mentions: Reginald Desronvil, Lavante Bushnell and Mikael Bradford.

Which Beaver is most likely to make head coach Mike Aldrich laugh?

“Reggie. Reginald (Desronvil) always says these one liners and it always gets coach to laugh. He is a funny guy.” — Ben Bolinske, sophomore quarterback.

“Kristopher Bueno. He is a receiver and kind of a goofball. He is always saying funny things and coach (Aldrich) loves it.” — Jordan Will, sophomore defensive lineman.

“Derek Wax. He is just a funny guy and is always telling jokes. Coach Aldrich kind of likes him and they get along pretty well, so it’s pretty funny.” — Lofton Klabunde, freshman tight end.

Mike Aldrich’s selection: Chris Rivers or Jordan Will.

“It’s the same guy. Either Chris or Jordan Will. Jordan Will because he is the All–American kid, but when he says something funny, you aren’t expecting it. It’s just his delivery that’s pretty spot on.”

Honorable mention: Spencer Thompson.

Which Beaver is most likely to score the highest on a general knowledge pop quiz?

“Jordan Will. He has had a 4.0 (GPA) like his entire life, I’m pretty sure. Even in college now. He knows everything. You ask him a question and he just knows something. You ask him a question about the body and you go to the trainer and of course he is right.” — Ben Bolinske.

“I’d probably say Jordan Will. He has the 4.0 (GPA) and like the only freshman last year not to have study hall at all.” — Peyton Lamoureux.

“I need to look around… I would say Parker Franzen because let’s say it’s football related, he knows about everything in the NFL and he is a knowledgeable dude.” — Jordan Will.

Mike Aldrich’s selection: Jordan Will.

“Jordan Will. He is pretty smart.”

Honorable mentions: Connor Beeston and Lane Torgerson.

Which Beaver is most likely to win a Madden tournament?

“I think myself. I think I’m good on the sticks and I’m a big Philadelphia Eagles fan, so hopefully playing with them — being the highest rated team on Madden — it would be me.” — Parker Franzen.

“I hate to say this, but Lavante (Bushnell). The way he runs his defense on Madden, it feels like he knows what you are doing on every play on offense. He is really tough to score on.” — Ben Bolinske.

“Me. I win the Madden tournament because I’m the best at Madden on this team. Hands down.” — Lavante Bushnell, junior wide receiver.

Mike Aldrich’s selection: Kiante Goudeau, senior defensive back.

“Well, I haven’t talked to many of them (about this). But, all I hear is the defensive backs talking about their Madden skills. So, I would say Kiante Goudeau.”

Honorable mentions: Ben Bolinske, Tristen Burnett and Mikael Bradford.

Which Beaver is most likely to join a construction crew to help build a dam?

“I’d go with Derek Wax. He seems like a construction worker type of guy to me. I worked with him in the summer and he just has that kind of attitude when it comes to getting down and getting dirty to get the job done.” — Logan Krueger, freshman defensive lineman.

“Chris Sowitch. I could see him doing that. A big strong guy and does what people tell him. I think he would be pretty good at it.” — Lofton Klabunde.

“Reggie. Reginald (Desronvil) going into construction [laughs]. I don’t know. I just see him doing something like that in the future.” — Kiante Goudeau.

Mike Aldrich’s selection: Linebackers Matthew Ackerman, Derek Wax and Alex Yanosko.

“I think all three of our linebackers… And I think they would all work on the same crew together and they would all go to lunch together and they probably would all eat McDonalds together.”

Honorable mentions: Ellis Parr and Lane Torgerson.

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