No. 8 Wayne State sweeps MSU

The Minot State University volleyball team fell in three sets (13-25, 16-25, 19-25) to No. 8 Wayne State on Friday evening.

Compared to the first match up of the Wildcats and Beavers this season when they scored 10, 6 and 13 points in their three matches, the improvements were noticeable, especially by head coach Ben Kaszeta.

“We were in all three games, which I couldn’t say earlier this year, but there were a couple rotations where their serving took us out of our system,” Kaszeta said. “They took advantage of some match ups in certain places. They have five senior hitters that are good at what they do.

“They’re good at making these little runs, nothing spectacular happens, but at the same time everything is done perfectly and all of a sudden they’re up three points.”

There were bright spots for the Beavers in this match though as freshman Shelby Spuller led the team with 12 kills and Janelle Nagy had 14 assists, nine digs and six kills for a well-rounded game.

“Shelby is starting to make more mature decisions,” Kaszeta said. “Knowing when to swing for the fences and when to just put a ball in play.”

With Nagy’s game it seemed like it was just another match as she has averaged over 10 assists, eight digs and six kills per match this season.

“She grew up in an area where they play volleyball all year long,” Kaszeta said. “She knows how to play in every position, her coaches taught her well and she never specialized at any position which is why you see her numbers every game.”

Minot State will honor Nagy and fellow senior Cindy Pelo tomorrow night, November 5 at Senior Night in the last home game of the season against Augustana. The match is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m.

– Minot State athletics