Medicare education presentation

Using a power point presentation to help illustrate the finer points of Medicare, Keith Hanson of Minot will be addressing one of the biggest concerns of senior citizens today. Hanson is a featured presenter for the 1st Annual Minot Daily News Senior Expo and is certain to be well received as his message is of importance to all who are Medicare eligible or soon will be.

“I will be presenting the basics of Medicare, what Part A is and what it costs, Part B and other levels, too,” said Hanson. “I will not be representing any particular insurance company but rather providing essential information.”

Hanson will detail various Medicare enrollment periods, covering issues such as costs and penalties, and explaining how different products work for seniors.

“Even those who have signed up already wonder if they’ve done it correctly,” said Hanson. “I’ll explain what the cost is for various plans and how it can vary.”

Hanson stresses that “one size doesn’t fit all” when it comes to Medicare, especially when it comes to prescription drugs.

“It’s very precise,” explained Hanson. “You have to have the right plan to begin with. There’s costs out of pocket and plans that fit some seniors much better than others. There are 25 different drug plans in the Minot area.”

As an example, Hanson said, he advised one person of a way to save $3,000 per year on prescription drugs.

“He listened to friends talk about their good plan, which was a good plan if you are taking the same drugs,” explained Hanson. “I really care about this. I’ve seen seniors in bad situations. I will direct people to the right company even if I don’t get a commission.”

The Medicare Annual Election Period is Oct. 15 – Dec. 7. That is the time, says Hanson, that people can review and make adjustments to their health insurance plans.

Hanson emphasized that, although he is an Independent Health Insurance Broker, no specific insurance company plan information will be shared at this event.