Independence is key for Edgewood and CaringEdge

No one wants to leave the place they call home or give up their independence. For Edgewood and CaringEdge, helping seniors maintain these things is one of their most important goals.

Edgewood began in 1996 as an assisted living facility and has grown over its many years, adding CaringEdge a year and a half ago. Together they work to help seniors both in the Edgewood community and outside of it. Edgewood provides all members of their community meals, housekeeping, laundry services, medication and bathing assistance, 24-hour care, and more. They work to offer a variety of services for people, regardless of if they will need them all. For Edgewood, it is all about providing their community with the things they need to remain independent and doing the things they want, and to give families peace of mind.

With a focus on geriatric care, CaringEdge works to help Edgewood with their goal alongside helping other seniors in the community remain in their homes. Services they provide include physical and occupational therapy and home health. They work to help decrease hospitalization of seniors and decrease emergencies through the services they offer, such as preventing a bad fall through physical therapy.

“What we are doing in Edgewood isn’t like what is offered everywhere else,” explained Brendan Weidler, who manages CaringEdge. “Hopefully we can help people remain in home and not in a skilled nursing facility.”

CaringEdge is available to any senior in the community with the outpatient therapy it offers. They are in the final stages of preparing their Home Health services for the community as well.

All services CaringEdge offers are covered by Medicare except for the assisted living room and board at Edgewood. As Medicare can be complicated, more information and answers to questions can be found by calling Edgewood at 852-1399.

An Open House is planned for Sept. 13 from 4-7 p.m. for those interested in a visit and to learn about CaringEdge and all they offer.

Edgewood is located at 800 16th Avenue SE. They will be presenting at the 1st Annual Minot Daily News Senior Expo on Sept. 6 at Minot’s Sleep Inn & Suites.