School is a mission of Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Brethren Church

Andrea Johnson/MDN Our Redeemers Church & School

Private Christian schools in the area often have an ongoing partnership with a sponsoring church or churches.

At Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Brethren Church in Minot, the connection has been a close and long-lasting one.

Executive Pastor Pete Pederson said the congregation launched a kindergarten program back in 1976. In 1983 it started a day school with 15 students. In 1983, the church expanded its school to a K-8 elementary and junior high program. Our Redeemer’s expanded to include a 9-12 high school in 1995. In 2001, a school addition was added.

Pederson said Our Redeemer’s Christian School is an ongoing mission of the church.

“We are responsible for making it go,” said Pederson, who said church members support the school through fundraising and offerings that they designate to go to the school. Families also pay tuition to ensure that their children will receive a sound Christian education.

Most of the students at the private school come from Protestant families but there are also a handful of Catholic students. Pederson said students at the school attend 30 different churches. Students are encouraged to get involved in ministry through their home churches as well as at the school.

Though operations changed when schools across the state were closed to slow the spread of the coronavirus and classes transitioned to online, students are normally accustomed to attending church services for 40 minutes every Wednesday.

Jeff Ringstad, the administrator at the school, said students are also required to make a statement of faith or indicate that they are open to learning about the word of God.

Every student at the school also takes a Bible class. Ringstad said teachers want to help kids grow in their faith and to be able to defend their beliefs in a debate.

Because different denominations are represented, students might have differing views on subjects like infant baptism. Ringstad said students discuss these issues in class but are also told to ask their parents about their own family’s beliefs if a controversy arises.

“It has been a good thing for the church and the community, I believe,” said Pederson.

Pederson said the church family is also grateful for the support the school has received from individuals and from community businesses.


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