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Submitted Photo Marathon Petroleum Corp.’s Mandan Refinery is the oldest refinery in North Dakota.

Mandan Refinery

Marathon Petroleum Corp.’s (MPC) Mandan Refinery is the oldest refinery in North Dakota.

Beginning operations in 1954, today the refinery has a crude oil refining capacity of 71,000 barrels per calendar day (bpcd), according to Marathon’s website

The refinery processes primarily sweet domestic crude oil from North Dakota and manufactures gasoline, distillates, propane and heavy fuel oil. Refined products are shipped via truck and rail.

Mandan Refinery has about 290 full-time employees.

Submitted Photo Marathon Petroleum Corp.’s Dickinson Refinery will be converting from crude oil service to renewable diesel fuel by the end of this year.

Health, Safety & Environment

– Steward of natural habitats including the dedicated 640 acres surrounding the refinery.

– Partnered with the Bismarck and Mandan Parks and Recreation Departments to plant more than 11,000 trees for the State’s Annual Arbor Day over the past 25 years.

– Site recognized for excellence in safety performance by Occupational Safety and Health Administration in 2014.

– In 2015, the refinery logged 3.8 million hours without a Days Away From Work (DAFW) injury.

Submitted Art This rendering show the Davis Refinery, a project being developed by Meridian Energy Group, in Billings County.

Marathon Petroleum Corp. and its Mandan Refinery are involved in the local community including:

– Donated $800,000 in charitable giving to non-profit organizations in the Northern Great Plains in 2016.

– Awarded a three-year, $750,000 grant to Bismarck State College to develop a virtual process technology training program.

– Completed a three-year, $750,000 grant to the North Dakota Safety Council to develop a state-of-the-art training center.

– Supports Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest to reinforce science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education to 3,500 students.

Dickinson Refinery

Marathon Petroleum Corp.’s (MPC) Dickinson Refinery is located four miles west of Dickinson.

With a crude oil capacity of 19,000 barrels per calendar day (bpcd), the refinery primarily processes domestic crude oil from North Dakota and manufactures ultra-low sulfur diesel and gasoline blendstocks, which are distributed by truck and rail, according to Marathon’s website.

Converting to renewable diesel facility

Marathon Petroleum Corp plans to convert the refinery into a 12,000 bpcd, 100% renewable diesel facility, which will process refined soy oil and other organically derived feedstocks, by December 2020.

The refinery has about 90 employees.

Health, Safety & Environment

The refinery is a state-of-the-art facility utilizing modern emission-control technology. It uses recycled water from the city of Dickinson’s wastewater treatment plant.

Marathon Petroleum Corp. and its Dickinson refinery are involved in the local community including:

– Richardton Rural Fire Department: replacement of self-contained breathing apparatus.

– Western Wellness Foundation: supporting the Crisis Shelter.

– American Red Cross: West Dakota Chapter 2018-2019 home fire campaign.

Davis Refinery

Meredian Energy Group’s Davis Refinery is being developed in Billings County.

Sited on about 150 acres (and additional acreage for a buffer) east of the Fryburg Rail Facility in Belfield, the Davis Refinery will have immediate access to crude oil supply and to major transportation routes from the beginning of operations.

The location will facilitate the shipment of crude oil feedstock and the transportation of refined products to market.

According to Meredian Energy Group’s website, the crude oil will be processed by the most modern and efficient plant anywhere, capable of processing 49,500 barrels a day of Bakken crude into hyper clean diesel and jet fuels while emitting near zero harmful green-house gases so common at other refineries. When fully complete, Davis Refinery will be rated a Nelson Complexity Index of just under 9 due to its ability to produce a full slate of refined products.

Meridian believes the Davis Refinery will be the first high conversion, Greenfield refinery built in the U.S. since the mid-1970s and will enjoy numerous operational advantages over potential competitors.

On March 31, Meridian Energy Group announced the company solidified a partnership with Pinkerton, headquartered in Ann Arbor, Mich., as its security and risk management provider for the Davis Refinery.

Meridian Energy Group has refinery developments in both North Dakota and Texas. Established in 2013, Meridian has offices in Belfield, North Dakota, Houston, Texas, and Irvine, Calif.

Sources: Marathon Petroleum Corp. and Meridian Energy Group


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