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SandPro: Oil-field service company expands its product line

Submitted Photo These are SandPro’s zipper manifolds. The zipper manifold facilitates quick redirection of fracturing pressure from one well to another, enabling pump trucks to run nearly continuously to minimize downtime.

BERTHOLD – SandPro got its start when several partners found a niche in the market and formed the sand filtration company. The company is advancing and now has an extended product line.

Partners in the oil-field service company are Jake Feil, CEO; Josh Blackaby, Health, Safety and Environmental manager; Silas Sneed, Chief Human Resources officer; Drew Anderson, Automation and Project Development director; Kelby Kraft, Account manager; and Jacob Whitcomb, Field supervisor.

SandPro started in an office in Minot in January 2019 and later in 2019 moved to a facility just north of Berthold.

Blackaby said in a November 2019 story published in The Minot Daily News that news traveled fast about their equipment. “When companies find out that something works, they’re happy to try it. Our goal is to create a service company that’s No. 1 in the industry,” he said.

In the oil and gas industry, sand is a major issue. After the completion of the well, SandPro’s filters separate the sand from the oil and gas.

The company diversified a few months ago when it partnered with a wellhead automation company in Argentina.

Feil said in the November 2019 story that they partnered with the company in Argentina because it shared the same core values that SandPro has.

“They’re fourth generation, privately owned and have been in business for 90 years. They’re going to help us bring technology, efficiencies, engineering capabilities to the table that we’re going to keep local here in the North Dakota oil field. Our primary goal is to create a company that people drive by, want to work there and are proud of working there,” Feil said.

“Our goal is to build and hopefully have something to hand over to our kids in the future,” Sneed said.

Since last November, SandPro has expanded its product line.

As of April 7, SandPro’s product line available now includes:

-Wellhead products

-ESP Surface Systems

-Sand filtration

-Frac valves & trees

-Frac manifolds


-Wellhead/frac technicians

-Wellhead consulting

-Frac program consulting

-Frac greasing

-Flowback/screen out services

-Facility watch

The company is also looking at other services to provide to communities besides in the oil and gas industry, Sneed said.

SandPro built its employee number up to 27 but due to the recent downturn in oil they have had to lay off several employees.

In regard to the recent oil and gas industry situation, Sneed said on April 7, “We’re doing everything we can. It’s super tough because you can’t see how long it’s going to take. We can make it but we could use help.”

“We want to grow this company here in North Dakota. The headquarters will always be here,” said Sneed. He said they are striving to become as successful as possible.


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