Science skills could pay off in the oil industry

Erik Ramstad eighth-graders learn about STEM in the oil field with help from Hess volunteers

Submitted photo Hess Corporation Process Engineering Advisor Wole Omole works on STEM activities with eighth-graders at Erik Ramstad Middle School on March 21.

Science, technology, education and mathematics subjects are given a lot of emphasis in today’s schools.

On March 22, eighth-graders at Erik Ramstad Middle School in Minot had an opportunity to learn how brushing up on their STEM skills could pay off with a career in the oil industry.

According to a press release from the Hess Corporation, students in small groups on hands-on activities with the assistance of Hess Corporation volunteers.

The students learned about oil field techniques such as well casing, the oil refinement process, and fracturing.

“Hands-on demonstrations are great for our students to see more about career fields that are available in their own backyard,” said Rachelle Lamoureux, Ramstad Middle School eighth-grade teacher. “Thanks to the Hess Corporation for bringing in the demonstrations, volunteers and excitement for North Dakota energy. Hopefully this will broaden the students’ perspectives and open their eyes to options after high school or college.”

By the end of the day, more than 200 students had learned about fracturing by using Jell-O and maple syrup, and had learned about perforated well casing with sponges and straws.