Local produce and vendors meet outdoor shopping at Farmer’s Market

Submitted Photo The Farmer’s Market at Oak Park is big on promoting local shopping of produce and other items sold at the market.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, farmer’s markets have been around since 1730 in Lancaster, Penn. While Minot’s Farmer’s Market hasn’t been around that long, it has still been a part of Minot for likely well over 30 years.

The Minot Farmer’s Market has moved around town to different locations many times over the years. It was once held at the fairgrounds before moving to Oak Park and now during the months it runs, it will have a day at the Maysa Arena besides taking place at the park.

Ann Olson, who is the president of the farmers market, says the Minot Farmer’s Market has a simple goal of promoting fellowship and visiting with others while outside and shopping local. As the market has been around and working to keep up the local produce shopping option, it has also grown to host more vendors with more options than ever before.

“We have a variety of vendors from a hundred-mile radius from Minot. They sell produce, baked goods, and we have other vendors too,” said Olson.

Besides being local, the most important thing for those involved at the Minot Farmer’s Market is home grown or home made products. Not everyone involved is strictly from a farmer background. Some selling their products, according to Olson, are backyard gardeners and many who sell produce now sell baked goods too.

Some of the products they sell include peas, tomatoes, herbs, lefse, cookies, breads, and more. In the last year, those at the Minot Farmer’s Market have been joined by a vendor who specializes in vendors. Many different bakery items are sold, including a few who sell homemade kuchen.

One local bakery, Prairie Sky Breads, sells their preservative-free items at the market over the last few years after opening in 2014.

“The Minot Farmer’s Market is a good way for local farmers to come out and promote local food vendors and shopping,” said Olson.

The goal every year is to be opened by the first or second week of July, but the market has to work with the weather it is given and has to wait for the weather to warm up. Despite the late spring though, Olson is positive this year will go better than the last.

“Last year was really dry and many vendors weren’t able to come out due to crop loss from the lack of moisture,” she said, hopeful this year would be a little wetter for crops.

Due to upcoming construction that is so common in Minot, the Minot Farmer’s Market will be due for a location change to help shoppers be able to still reach the market.

“We aren’t sure where we will be going yet, but those interested can keep an eye on our Facebook for all the updates,” Olson said.

The Farmer’s Market typically is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. On Tuesday and Thursday, the market will be at Oak Park from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. Then on Saturdays it will move to the Maysa Arena with it opening at 9 a.m. until 12:30 p.m.

The best way to know of any changes, updates, or announcements involved with the Minot Farmer’s Market is to follow their page where Olson works to post updates.