Ward/McLean team sweeps horse contests at Black Hills Stock Show

On Jan. 30, four 4-H members from Ward and McLean Counties travelled to Rapid City, South Dakota to compete in the Black Hills Stock Show Hippology and Horse Quiz Bowl Contests. The combined Senior Team included Emily Fannik, Max; Olivia Lebrun, Berthold; Anne Schauer, Carpio; and Mikaela Woodruff, Garrison.

Hippology is divided into four phases: horse judging, written exam, stations, and team problem. Points are combined by the top three scores in each category. Age divisions are split into Junior (ages 8 to 10), Intermediate (11 to 13), and Senior (14 to 18). The eight teams that attended the Black Hills Stock Show Hippology Contest were from North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming. The Ward/McLean County team won. Individually, Woodruff won highpoint with a score of 231. Schauer was second with a score of 201.

Horse Quiz Bowl has only two age groups, Junior (ages 8 to 13) and Senior (14 to 18). Youth are quizzed on any subject pertaining to horses; whoever buzzes in with the correct answer receives points for the team. Individual team scores were kept during the contest. Whenever an individual answered a question correctly, they earned points. If an individual answered incorrectly, they lost points. Fourteen teams from North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming participated in the Black Hills Stock Show Horse Quiz Bowl. The Ward/McLean County team had a bye during their first round. The team then faced three more rounds; they won all three and earned the title of champion. Individually, Woodruff earned the most points. Schauer tied for third with a youth from Hutchinson County, South Dakota.

Congratulations Fannik, Lebrun, Schauer, and Woodruff on your incredible accomplishments. Special thank you to their volunteer coaches Kathy Baer, Garrison and Paige Brummund, Donnybrook; and to Brummund for being the team’s chaperon and transportation.


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