Local seed house expands operations

Ciara Parizek/MDN A large sign marks the warehouse building of Chesak Seed House’s new Minot location near the Highway 2 and 52 crossing.

A second Chesak Seed location opened up near the Highway 2 and Highway 52 crossing just after Jan. 1.

Chesak Seed opened in Bismarck in 1941 to supply seeds to farmers. Twenty-five percent of the company’s business was from the Minot area, so the owner Jeff Neuberger decided to open an additional office.

The company handles a variety of different seed types, including alfalfa, tame and native grasses for hay and pastures, Conservation Reserve Program mixes, millet, sorghum sedan and many more. Standard town and standard country mixes are also part of their inventory for those who need to fix up their yard.

Many of their mixes are premixed and packaged for sale. Some farmers may prefer a custom mix. For those special blends, the farmer can contact the Chesak Seed House in Bismarck and have the pallets delivered to their field or to their farm. For pallet delivery, they charge $100 per pallet. The pallets usually weigh around one ton, each bag or tote weighing 50 pounds.

If the farmer would rather pick it up from the Bismarck or Minot locations, that option is available. Their pallets or bags can be picked up the same day they are ordered if they have that particular mix in stock. If they are not able to pick it up the same day, it will be waiting for them to get it the following day.

Construction crews that are working on land reclamation can also order grass seed mixes to be delivered directly to their sites so they can continue their work.

Chesak Seed sells their seed mixes in retail and wholesale quantities with by-the-pound prices.

Chris Nannenga is running the office in Minot. He worked for a soil conservation company for several years before starting at Chesak Seed, so he has a long background in the trade.

In the next month or so, Nannenga said he expects a lot more inventory to come in to meet the demands of farmers as they decide what they will plant. He added that the Minot location has a lot of potential to grow.


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