Farmers markets are open for business

Minot is home to two farmers markets for shoppers to enjoy

Shyanne Belzer/MDN Shoppers lined up around the different vendors at the Minot Farmers Market on July 11 as they held their grand opening for their season. The market is open from 9 a.m. to noon Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of every week through the month of October.

With the summer months well underway, a summertime favorite has kicked off to offer residents of the Minot and surrounding areas a spot for fresh produce and fresh products every week. The Minot Farmers Market and the North Prairie Farmers Market are open for business.

The Minot Farmers Market is open Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of every week in Oak Park. They start early at 9 a.m. and go until noon each day with a variety of vendors selling their products.

The Minot Farmers Market is the longest running farmers market in Minot with one vendor reaching their 50th or 51st year of selling, according to Ann Olson. All the vendors, new and old, come from a 100 mile radius of miles.

“Every farm or business is a family run vendor. We’re all very local and locally grown,” Olson said.

The many vendors who take part sell a host of things from a variety of jams and jellies to different fruits and vegetables. They sell herbs, different meat products, baked goods and more.

This years Minot Farmers Market will also feature Minot Daily Bread and Prairie Sky Breads as vendors.

Those interested can keep up to date on the Minot Farmers Market and all their happenings on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

The North Prairie Farmers Market is open every Saturday at the intersection of Broadway and Third Avenue SW. They open at 11 a.m. and run until 2 p.m.

The market sells a diverse list of items from fresh and local produce to baked and canned goods to pottery and homemade soups and more. Each year, according to Marvin Baker, the market draws out a great crowd.

The North Prairie Farmers Market was started in 2007. It started with four vendors, three who sold produce and one who sold baked goods.

“I met with the Downtown Association and they unanimously supported having a farmers market in downtown Minot. So my wife and I spent July 2007 recruiting vendors and we got started the first Saturday in August 2007 with the four of us,” said Baker.

It has expanded over the years and now offers a wide range of items.

The Minot Farmers Market and the North Prairie Farmers Market are each open until the end of October as long as weather permits.


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