Where are the birds?

Letters to the Editor

Marie Pozarnsky, Benedict While the bird population has decreased by 70 percent at our McLean County farm within the past 4 years, entities whose ultimate goal is to limit the human population of the earth continue to push windmills and minimize (eradicate) coal. The Audubon Society ...

Minot AFB: A major economic powerhouse


Minot Air Force Base is an important part of the local area. Each year the release of its annual economic impact analysis is met with great interest. On Thursday, Maj. Andrew Webb, commander of the 5th Comptroller Squadron at Minot Air Force Base, told community leaders attending the ...

Price controls always backfire; today is no different

National Columnists

With some pundits advocating for price controls to fight inflation, it suddenly feels like the 1970s again. This type of overbearing intervention has never worked as marketed, something President Richard Nixon discovered in 1973 when he lifted the wage and price controls he had implemented two ...

Death of a beauty queen

National Columnists

Why did Cheslie Kryst, a former Miss USA with law degree, an MBA and an on-camera gig on “Extra,” a celebrity TV show, leap to her death from a posh Manhattan apartment? As the cliche goes, she had everything to live for. We’ve heard much about suicides as deaths of despair, with ...

Time to end affirmative action

National Columnists

Americans are fed up with racial preferences. More than three-quarters of Americans believe President Joe Biden should consider “all possible nominees” to succeed retiring Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, rather than only Black women, according to a new poll. Likewise, nearly ...